Yankee Belle


'I Poo Poo! I'm Done!'

lil B screams this - incessantly - until I come to her aid. I'm not joking when I say - INCESSANTLY. And for whatever reason, her tone is just indescribably annoying. It has even become a joke around the house. I now yell 'I poo poo; I'm done!' along with my 'Serenity now!' when I get frustrated.

Who knew a preschooler (ack...did I use that word to refer to my lil B?! What happened to my toddler?!) pooping on the potty could invoke such a great release of emotion in mommy.

Next up, teaching lil B to wipe her own a-s-s.

Can You See

the love already blooming...

Shhh...Do You Hear That???

Both kids are asleep - at the same time. This is one of those moments in life when you enjoy it, but don't have to remember it for prosperity.

Now, what activity can I partake in that won't wake them up... Is 8am too early to drink???