Yankee Belle


Oh I am so Lost...

I am a Lost junky. I was/am in love with Jack. Hubby and I started watching when it first debuted. We were quickly hooked. After a year and a half of ritual Wednesday night viewings, we both started to lose interest. It just seemed to be draggggg-ing on-nnn. The night little B was born, I tried to watch an episode, but my epidural kicked in and I was too busy enjoying the high of a pain free birth. It was the beginning of what I thought was the end of the road for Jack and me. I had a new baby. I didnt need to worry about him and if he would ever return to the real world.

But, after tonight's episode, I am feeling all mushy inside for him again. The Jack drug is back. I am a relapsing addict.

I NEED A QUICK FIX! Waiting till next season is going to suck.

Proud Mama

I have been working with my little B on putting two words together. While outside playing this evening, she pointed to the swing and said 'Swing.' I obliged enthusiastically until I noticed the ungodly amount of bird shiat on it. She anxiously awaited an answer as to why we were not swinging. I simply told her 'Too much bird poop.' For the rest of the night, my profound child put two words together.

Bird Poop - Bird Poop - Bird Poop - Bird Poop - Bird Poop

To the floor you go.

Where and how did my child learn that when she is through with something she should just throw it on the floor? Done with the sippy cup - throw it on the floor. Snack bowl empty - throw it on the floor. Empty box of raisins - throw it on the floor. Finished brushing teeth - attempt to throw it on the floor. It is not a careless toss either, it is a very deliberate abandonment. I can not even begin to count the number of times a day I repeatedly say "Put it on the table."

Is this a predisposition we have as humans ? Some primitive instinct?

Unless, when mommy is away and daddy is in charge, a secret retaliatory throwing party takes place. Hmm...that might explain hubby's socks in random places.

My Tag Turn...

First, the rules: each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog the rules and answers. Then you choose seven people and make sure to leave a comment on their blog.

1. I stuck a small eraser shaped like a telephone in my nose when I was in the second grade. It never came out. A doctor told me (when I finally confessed this at the age of 16), that the snot would have dissolved it by then. I swear this is why I can not breath through my nose still.

2. I have to tee-tee 2 times before I go to bed EVERY night. Once just before lying down, then again before falling asleep. I think I am a little OCD . Either way, no camping in the woods for me.

3. I am a picker. I pick scabs, I pick zits, I pick peeling skin after a sunburn, I pick. Yes, even my nose but with a tissue. I have clean nostrils before leaving the house everyday.

4. I like older men. I find them extremely sexy. I have had many crushes on older men. My first crush I was 4 years old and in love with my older half brother. He is 13 years my senior.

5. My favorite room in a house is the bathroom. I can spend hours in it. In elementary school, I would study sitting on the toilet. The mirror is my friend and enemy. It helps me find things to pick.

6. I love toilet paper. I can clog a toilet I love it so much. My Aunt Rose use to warn me about my usage any time I was at her house.

7. I am terrified of cats. I had a kitten once for a total of 2 days. It slept on my chest, and I lay paralyzed all night. It pooped under my bed. It hissed at me. My friend had to come and get it. I was too scared to even pick her (it) up. I was 29 years old.

The Book Club Whore

Somewhere between my bottled water and a brownie, I admitted to premarital sex and having slept with my 'work husband'. Why I admitted these things, I have no idea. Maybe I have sex on the brain, although I am not really in the mood today. I am still in the single digits...so whore is not a title I would even consider for myself.

Note to self, tell less personal information at the next BOOK club.