Yankee Belle


I Hate Packing.

Seriously. No joke, I wish I were rich...just the idea of someone packing for me is sheer bliss. I find nothing worse than being out of town and wishing you had brought that 'something'. Packing almost makes traveling not worth it...almost.

I pack modestly, I think. I am getting better with age. My beauty products still fill up an entire half of a suitcase tho. Blow dryer, 3 special hair brushes, makeup bag, shampoo, conditioner, and the list goes on and on.

Oh to be my hubby. Deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste. That is the extent of his beauty supplies. Of course if I pack my shampoo and toothpaste, he does not pack his.

It is hard work being a gal. And a decent well groomed looking one at that. Maybe the grunge chicks are on to something...

(Yes - that's my bro and me 25 years ago. Whew...did I say 25 years?!)

Lo Hacimos!

lil B poo poo'd in the potty for the first time ever. Proud mama promised her the world including a new toy and a bowl full of Raisinets as a reward.

One less crap filled diaper to change made my day!

I so would have taken a picture of this accomplishment, but I think a picture of feces would kill the blog moment.

I'm Not A Nature Girl

But lil B is. She was so proud of the fish she caught. Daddy of course helped, but it was her catch none the less.

Hmmm...I see some solo time in my future. Father daughter bonding over fishing = mommy FREE!

"Can I Borrow Your Phone Ma?"

lil B has started asking to call her friends on the phone. Thankfully, she is still too young to know they are not really on the line. Do they make toddler friendly cell phones? Surely Playskool or Fisher Price have come out with those by now! Not that I am foolish enough to buy one...

Hollywood Beach Babes...

As they were so correctly named by fellow beach goers.

No P in this OOL.

lil B is not wearing swim diapers this summer. Although she is not actually wearing big girl panties all the time, mostly because she does not want to not because she can't, she knows not to 'tee tee' or 'poo poo' in the pool.

While at the pool today, lil B climbs up the main steps from the pool, steps onto the pool deck and yells "Ma!? I need to tee tee. I do it right here?. Okay."

There was no time for me to react. No time to yell "No!" No time to rush her off - nothing. She drenched a dry spot of concrete and re-entered the swimming pool.

I was left standing there wondering what to do. No hose, no bucket, no real means to wash away urine. I felt mortified eyes burning a whole through me. I did the only thing I could...I scooped a few handfuls of pool water on the spot, and thanked God it was my kid's pee I would be stepping in and not some other kid's.

Hey - at least she knows not to P in the Pool.

I Was Tagged.

Write six random things about yourself (surprisingly hard to think of...).

Tag six people at the end of your post linking to their blog.
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Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Here we go..

1. I am a tomboy. Always have been, always will be. If a boy can do it, I can too.

2. I met my husband on Match.com. I drove to B'ham the first night we chatted, and we eloped 3 months later. I was pregnant 5 months after we married. We had a whirlwind first year and barely knew each other.

3. I have a thing about teeth. Teeth are one of the first features I notice on a person. I met Jeff Gordon. He had bad bottom teeth. All that money - he should get them fixed.

4. I know a lot of people. Not stating this to brag, but I have lived in several different states/cities and have made some great friends that I keep in contact with.

5. I eat pretty healthy. I believe our bodies are like machines. If you fill it with crap it will perform crappy. I do eat some junk - like McDonalds, brownies, and yadda. You can't deprive yourself of man's great pleasures. No matter how much organic you eat, you will still die.

6. I love to travel. I am always going here, there, and everywhere. I love love love my home, but I believe life was meant to be lived and you need to get out and experience it. It makes for great memories. When I meet my maker, the first thing I will do is thank Him, for giving me what time I had to live what has thus far been - a fabulous life.

So that's it, things you were dying to know about me and my sorted past.... I'm tagging the following because I need to know more random things about you...


Lost Trust

I have lost faith in people in general. Where are people's morals? Integrity?? How can someone blatantly lie and not think twice about it. I hate to be a pessimist, but in truth it is the world we live in today. And I was just reminded of how true this sad statement is.

The story behind this post...

I sold a Victoria's Secret bathing suit on ebay. It was basically brand new, and I figured I could make a few bucks on it. Being a sahm, a little extra cash here and there is nice. Usually I donate my clothes to charity, but since it was a name brand suit... Needless to say, my suit sold and I made some mula. I shipped the entire swim suit - clean, folded pretty, and wrapped in tissue paper with a genuine thank you note. WHat does the winning bidder do? Email me that she only got the top. IMPOSSIBLE. VERY IMPOSSIBLE.

So now - I am out the money and the bottoms to what was once a complete swim suit.

I wish bad Karma on her. Biatch.

"How Rude!"

Nothing irks me more than rudeness. Having grown up in NYC, I was somewhat indifferent to rude folks. Now living in the south, being married to a southern man who went to school in what I consider to be the most southern state of all - South Carolina, I have become very intolerant of rude. Rudeness is a classless characteristic. My patience for rude is pretty much non-existent.

So to the one who is being rude right now - Kiss-a my ass-a.

Hmmm...I guess my blog still has a purpose. I feel better. =)