Yankee Belle


The 'Right' Political Humor.

Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose your job. Recovery is when Obama loses his job.

I do not do political stickers on my vehicle. But I would consider this one.


'Oh I Love Trash!!!'

lil CJ and I have been venturing out the past few nights thanks to the few degrees cooler weather. Big B is still vistiting Florida, so just he & I go for a stroll around our neighborhood.

It seems many of my fellow neighbors are trying to scratch a shared fall season itch. As lil CJ and I stroll past homes, we actually see people outside - playing, planting, hosing, & yadda.

lil CJ enjoys these walks for another reason tho. He loves.loves.loves spotting garbage cans. With every one he points and yells 'AH!'

His excitement is well noted. Our neighbors actually stop their activities, wave and yell 'Hello!' back at him.

The humor...lil CJ is more excited about seeing their trash receptacles than he is seeing them.


Shopping Queen

Big B loves to shop. She already has a favorite store. WHile visiting Florida, Grands & Paw Paw spoil her with ice cream, nail polish & shopping trips.

Can you guess which store is her favorite?

Looking to invest in some retail stock....think about this store.


WW - Caught.



This is one of those photos, that everytime I look at it, I smile.

I love these girls.


Wordless Wednesday



Big B received a package from her Grands. It was a pink Victoria's Secret bag filled with cute lil girl panties & coordinating bras. Big B was & still is, in bra heaven.

One afternoon while Big B was proudly wearing her peace/monkey bra ensemble, the doorbell rang. I was busy in the kitchen and yelled for Big B to see who was at the door.

From the living room I hear:

"I can't! I'm in my bra!!!"

Serenity now.



My birthday month has officially come to an end. ANd this year, my 35th, did not disappoint. It started with the annual 4th of July celebrations @ SMith Lake accompanied by the 4 F's...Family, Friends, Food & Fireworks. Throw in some jetski riding, boat exploring and swimming, it was the perfect beginning to a fabulous month.

A birthday party with some of my closest friends & a gift that knocked my heels off.

A week in Nashville that included a shopping trip and a night out all courtesy of my bro.

Several MNOs that I claim as extended celebrations.

Not to leave out dinner with hubby (yumm sushi!) & a mommy daughter only trip to Chatt Town to visit Aunt Christine & C-man with a baseball game to boot. Go Barons!

And my best birthday gift was being able to share with all my family & friends!

Who says a birth is limited to one day of celebrating?!

Happy Birthday to me - YB! ;)


WW - Daddy's First Day of School