Yankee Belle


Mr. Wang Speak Truth

Lil CJ and I accompanied Grandsie, Granny, and Daddy to lunch at Mr. Wangs. lil CJ was acting like a typical 2yo. He didn't want to sit at the table, so instead he sat pouting on the steps leading to the lunch buffet.

Mr. Wang approached lil CJ and tried to talk to him. He offered lil CJ a lollipop (I cringed, but thankfully lil CJ declined it.) After not making any progress, Mr. Wang looked up and yelled at us in his Chinese accent:

"How old he??? 2?? 3???"

I replied back: "2! And a mess!"

Mr Wang: "Yes! I have one also! I can tell he same age."

I yelled back jokingly: "Do you want another?!"

Mr. Wang without a second of hesitation, in the middle of his restaurant's lunch rush, in a very loud voice hollered back:


I love Mr. Wang and will forever be a loyal patron of his establishment.


Paw Paw Said What?

Grandsie was telling us how their 2 cats & Bailey dog sleep in their bed, and how Paw Paw is not happy with these sleeping arrangements. Grandsie looked at lil CJ and asked him what he thought Paw Paw says about the pets sleeping in his bed.

lil CJ without hesitation said: 'Damn it!'

Serenity now.



Almost 5 1/2 months into his diagnosis, lil CJ looks like a pin cushion. His arms and legs are all 'marked'. His sweet lil finger tips are starting to harden and callous. One finger prick is slightly infected. ANd he still has the rest of his life ahead of him.

lil CJ will tell you, "Me have diabetes."

Mommy tells him, "You are perfect...markings and all."

My goal is to make sure he doesn't just believe it, he knows it.


Sass in a Picture.

"The Rockets look Great! We came to dominate!"

~ lil CJ & I are hooked on this cheer.


Powder Potions

When I was little, my cousin Nancy Altaz and I would make potions on her rug. They usually consisted of baby powder & water. Sometimes we would add perfume. I am really not sure why my Aunt Rose let us live.

To carry on the family tradition, Big B and her bff from down the block Anna, decided to make a snow fall (similar to a potion) with an entire bottle of baby powder. This picture is just of the dresser. I am still trying to air out the room...

Serenity now.


Mommy Big B

lil CJ has gotten more of the spotlight from family and friends since 'D-day'. The smart cookie that Big B is, has quickly picked up on this. I've already heard on more than one occasion from her: "I wish I had diabetes." And I get it. I know why she thinks & says that.

To help her feel more involved, I give her opportunities to help with lil CJ's diabetes management. As always,she does not disappoint. She can check lil CJ's blood sugar without any supervision.

If I could only trust the 2 of them not to flood the floor while taking a bath.



I had a conversation with a fellow D-mom (diabetes mom) the other day. We discussed how our lives have changed since diabetes. How we look back at pictures and can't help but think 'This pic was pre-diabetes; this pic was post.' I wonder if with time, the mentally imprinted date will fade.

But with so many pictures of lil CJ before his diagnosis like this...

It is a constant reminder that my baby was dying right in front of my eyes, and I did nothing.

I remind myself reguarly that we are blessed. My eyes did finally open. I pray that pictures like this will one day fill my head instead.