Yankee Belle


Boys Want To Have Fun Too...

Destroying his playmat in less than 5 minutes.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun...

Destroying a room in less than 5 minutes.


I am a creature of habit to some degree. This creature comes out when I grocery shop. I know the aisles of our local Walmart like the back of my hand. It makes my trip so much easier. Especially since I despise grocery shopping.

So, what is Wally World in the process of doing? They are changing the layout of the store. Things are scattered all over. The once vertical aisles are now horizontal. What is the point - other than to confuse me. Does management have nothing better to do?! I was so lost in my usually familiar enviornment. I spent less money than I planned on only because I couldn't find anything.

If you see a distraught chick on tv, picketing the local Walmart...it will be me. My sign will read: "Just say no to change!!!'

Old School.

Well maybe only a year old, but it does seem so much longer.

SHout out to PoodleHo! (I stole your blog post.)


Gym Candy

I had just dropped the kids off at the nursery. I was fiddling with my iPod, mentally preparing myself for a workout, when what do I see right before my eyes? A very hot guy. I won't describe him, only because I have learned that women have different opinions as to what constitutes hot. This guy however, was my exact definition. Now normally, like 'M.' said at lunch today, I would shy away at the sight of someone I find attractive. Instead, I was floored. It has been a while since I have seen a guy I deem hot. (Minus my hubby of course! ;) )

So picture it, I'm walking, fumbling with my iPod. I pass this hottie, my facial expression changes to a look of amazement and what thought runs thru my mind...


And I know without a doubt, he could read that on my face. Thankfully, he was on his way out because I had just marred the gym candy.

I hope I never see him at the gym again. My "G*D DAMN YOU'RE HOT!" a-s-s is now embarrassed. I am obviously married with kids. My skillz are GONE.


WHen in doubt, just ask. I could replace Ann Landers. It is genious, I tell ya. WHo doesn't want my advice?.

Kimtastic...you are awesome.

Happy 5th.

We tossed a coin and let fate decide. Look at what that toss has brought us.

I love you.

2 Peas In A 'Right Round' Pod.

Friends Forever.

The expression is so cliche, but nothing could describe it better. No matter how long we go without seeing one another...we pick up right where we left off.

And how does God ensure our friendship endures? Our baby girls not only share a name, they also share a birthday.

Mysterious ways, I tell ya. I still can't believe it has been 17 years...and counting. XOXO

The Future

Ah - Young Love.

Thankfully, I already love my son's in-laws. ;)

He Will Need Therapy...

I know exactly what he will say: "I had to wear all of my sister's pink crap!"

He Likes It.

While feeding lil C today, I decided to turn the tv on and catch a bit of what I like to call 'crap tv.' Have I ever mentioned - I.Love.Crap.TV. Hubby refuses to watch it with me, so I sneak some in when no one is around.

At some point, lil C finished his bottle and became transfixed on the show. He sat still, captivated, hanging on every word...as if he truly understood. I would love to say my son is taking a liking to crap tv, but I'm guessing it had more to do with this particular show. A former Playboy model, prancing around, flaunting her big boobies...

Boys will be boys.