Yankee Belle


WW - Lipstick.


Floored Friday - Like Wordless Wednesday.

Before bedtime last night, I asked Big B to clean her room., which she had totally detroyed that day.

I did not check her finished project. She is usually pretty good at putting things in their proper place.

So this morning, long after Big B had been dropped off at school, Im hanging clean clothes in her closet...and I turn around to find a mountain.

This was her version of picking up toys. Not exactly what I had in mind.

Serenity now.


'Tis The Season - For Ke$ha.

One of the best parts of the holiday season, for me, is the music. And like every year, I have all the radios in our house set to the local station that plays it 24/7, including my car.

AFter dancing to some fun, upbeat Christmas tunes, Big B asked what happened to all the 'normal' music. I reminded her that 'Christmas is coming!', and this is what we will be listening to until then. She smiled excitedly, knowing Santa would be here with all her heart's desires.

Then she asked:

"Well, does Kesha have any Christmas songs?"

Serenity now.


Apprehensive AKA Scared Shi@tless.

In 2 weeks, I will be boarding a plane with both kids to NYC. No hubby. No adult help. Just me. My first time flying with both kids...solo. #serenitynow

Big B is an excellent passenger. She has flown enough times in her 5 years of life that I have lost count. The problem - lil CJ.

He is not the same baby/toddler/child Big B was at this age. He prefers to be on the ground & running. Something an airplane doesn't permit.

My friends have recommended Benadryl. I was uber opposed to drugging Big B when she was little. This time around, I am not. I will have a bottle in my possession.

Of course, lil CJ may completely surprise me and be more than perfect on the flights. But just in case,...I'm contemplating drugging myself too.


WW - Breakfast Together.


Beyond Classic PhotoBombing.

The great 'Schweiker' emailed me this pic and said:

"I saw this and thought instantly that this would be you in about 40 years. LOL"

This is why my friends rock.


Wordless Wednesday - When The Uncle Is Left In Charge


Trick Or Treat Because I Know You're Home.

Halloween fell on Sunday this year. To take full advantage of the festivities, we celebrated all weekend.

Saturday, we trick or treated with the boyfriend in our 'hood. Big B was thrilled to death. My lil witch went from house to house alongside a ninja (with a 5 o'clock shadow) & Mickey Mouse. Afterwards, we headed on over to the bffs to party in their neighborhood. More trick or treating, hay rides and yummy eats. There was also some football on the big screen warmed by a fire pit.

Sunday, Big B, lil CJ and I headed to Nashville to trick or treat with Uncle C & Grandma. We went to a few houses, but Big B decided handing out the candy would be more fun. Grandma told Big B, that whatever candy was left at the end of the night, she could keep. Needless to say, every trick or treater received ONE piece of candy from Grandma's house.

Hubby had to stay behind in B'ham and work an open house. To make it fun, he dressed as Darth Vader.

The highlight of the weekend, the boyfriend walked up to the front door of a house, rang the door bell and waited. No one came. He peered through the door glass and could tell the owners were home. He yelled:

"I know you are in there! Your tv is on!"


#Vegas Bitches 10/10/10

***Im behind on blogging. Fall is super busy in my house. I adore fall, but I hate how quickly these fun filled few months flash by.***

Last year while at dinner with the bffs and hubby's sister, we decided to try our luck in Las Vegas for 2010. Not only was it hubby's 10/10/10 birthday, but it was his sister's 21st. It was the.place.to.be.

To sum up our fabulous trip, Vegas was a BLAST! We got to hang out with our BFFs, enjoy superb fine dining, relax at the spa, and meet Holly Madison of the Girls Next Door & Playboy. (She was super sweet, but oh so tiny!)

I managed to record most of our trip via my tweets. I will let them recount our adventure.

**Bags packed, money in wallet...and liver is ready. Hello VEGAS!!!!! #VegasBitches

**Hubby only brought one pair of underwear because he is not going to bed. #vegasbitches

**Jaygas has begun! #vegasbitches

**Vegas beer. 3 pitchers down. http://twitpic.com/2viojw

**Do outdoor escalators run in the rain? #deepthoughts #vegasbitches

**Bellagio. #vegasbitches. http://twitpic.com/2vjnzz

**Thank you Auntie Anne for a quick pretzel snack. #vegasbitches

**@kimtasticmomma One word...blister. #vegasbitches #andwe'rewalking

**I dream of Jeannie & money! http://twitpic.com/2vq49l

**Gondola love with my sis-n-law. #vegasbitches

**I was de-beaded by the guys from Thunder From Down Under because I wouldnt take a picture with them. Stripper dude said it was his first de-beading too. #vegasbitches

**Hubby & cabby bonding. http://twitpic.com/2vuwka #vegasbi@tches

**Texas de Brazil is actually Texas de Gut. #vegasbitches

**I love the football rivalry amongst my friends. Despite their lack of taste. #rolltide #gobama #mandalaybay

**How Im making the Bama loss go down smoother. #redsquare http://twitpic.com/2w5nxk

**a lil shopping at Ceasars & the Mile Mall. Just what the hangover doc ordered. #vegasbitches

**Comeon shooter! #vegasbitches

**Donny Osmond @ Tiffanys. #VEGASbitches

**Peep Show tonight Starring Holly Madison!!!

**Meeting Holly Madison of Girls Next Door tonight! Woo woo!! #vegasbitches

**@hollymadison123 Looking forward to your show tonight & meeting you! #vegasbitches

**My piggies have called it quits. #ANDWE'rewalking #vegasbitches

**@hollymadison123 great meeting you tonight! Show was fab & im jealous of ur comfy slippers! Tnx for ur autograph & pic! #vegas

**Ciao Vegas! Until next time. #VEGASbitches


Hey Baby.

One of the boys in Big B's class said to her: 'Hey Baby!' I asked what she said in reply. Big B claimed she looked at him but said nothing. Feeling like this was an opportunity to teach my lil girl some self respect, I mentioned: "You should have corrected him by saying 'It's "Hey Big B."'

Big B looked at me and said:

'No mom. He meant it like I was hot.'

Serenity now.


Never Forget.


WW - First Day of PreK.


First Day Jitters...NOT.

Big B has been anxiously awaiting the start of preschool and today was the big day. Last night went off with out a hitch. Everyone was in bed, at a decent time and happy. However, the sun did not rise without Big B waking twice to ask if it was time to go.

Morning was a different story tho. Big B asked if she could sleep 'just a little longer' when I finally did wake her. lil CJ was so tired, he walked into a wall & stood there. (Poor baby had a fever and did not sleep well thanks to a nasty ear infection.) And me, well I am not accustom to an alarm clock. I turned it off before realizing I had to get up.

Upon arriving at school, Big B said 'Hello' to her new teacher, took a picture, mumbled 'Goodbye', and walked off to play with her BFF Mabster.

Feeling a little neglected, I walked over and asked Big B for a hug goodbye. Without turning around to even acknowledge me, Big B said: "Bye Mom. You can go now."

lil CJ will be my kid that screams and clings to my ankles every day for the first month. One of my kids will me miss me...right?.


WW - Cowboy Baby.


The 'Right' Political Humor.

Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose your job. Recovery is when Obama loses his job.

I do not do political stickers on my vehicle. But I would consider this one.


'Oh I Love Trash!!!'

lil CJ and I have been venturing out the past few nights thanks to the few degrees cooler weather. Big B is still vistiting Florida, so just he & I go for a stroll around our neighborhood.

It seems many of my fellow neighbors are trying to scratch a shared fall season itch. As lil CJ and I stroll past homes, we actually see people outside - playing, planting, hosing, & yadda.

lil CJ enjoys these walks for another reason tho. He loves.loves.loves spotting garbage cans. With every one he points and yells 'AH!'

His excitement is well noted. Our neighbors actually stop their activities, wave and yell 'Hello!' back at him.

The humor...lil CJ is more excited about seeing their trash receptacles than he is seeing them.


Shopping Queen

Big B loves to shop. She already has a favorite store. WHile visiting Florida, Grands & Paw Paw spoil her with ice cream, nail polish & shopping trips.

Can you guess which store is her favorite?

Looking to invest in some retail stock....think about this store.


WW - Caught.



This is one of those photos, that everytime I look at it, I smile.

I love these girls.


Wordless Wednesday



Big B received a package from her Grands. It was a pink Victoria's Secret bag filled with cute lil girl panties & coordinating bras. Big B was & still is, in bra heaven.

One afternoon while Big B was proudly wearing her peace/monkey bra ensemble, the doorbell rang. I was busy in the kitchen and yelled for Big B to see who was at the door.

From the living room I hear:

"I can't! I'm in my bra!!!"

Serenity now.