Yankee Belle


Wordless Wednesday - Surprise On My Camera


You Say 'Binky'; I Say 'Pacy'.

Hubby & I have always called Big B & lil CJ's pacifier a 'pacy'. However, both kids renamed it something different.

Big B called her pacy 'Pita~Pita';

While lil CJ calls his 'Nan~ya'.

No rhyme or reason for either. The only thing I know is I have always kept an ample supple on hand, yet none can be found when it is time for nap/bed.

And as for sweet baby babble, Big B's was 'Galla Galla' and lil CJ's is 'A gig-a-wah'.

I guess it's like me calling athletic shoes 'sneakers' & hubby calling them 'tennis shoes.' However, hubby has finally succumbed to the yankee side.

We are a 'sneaker' household.


Sweet Cheeks

Big B nicknamed her daddy 'Sweet Cheeks'. While hurrying around one morning getting Big B ready for school, I asked lil CJ where daddy was. In his squeaky lil toddler voice I hear him call: 'Sweet Cheeks?! Are You?!'

It was too stinking cute.

Except, I dont think it is the best nickname for a boy to call his dad. Just saying.


Beiber , Beiber, Beiber ~ OH!

Big B loves her some Justin Beiber. With his new movie coming out 'Never Say Never' and the commercials airing every 5 minutes on Nick & Disney, Big B is begging to go. If I thought she knew more than one of his songs~ "Baby" ~or was old enough to grasp the movie concept, I'd consider it. Until then, mama is saving her money.

As for steering her towards anything princess-y (which the average 5yo is enamored with), Big B insists they are 'lame'.

Serenity now.


The 'No!' Heard Around Birmingham.

lil CJ has had a verbal explosion in the past few weeks. New words, 2 word sentences and lots of attempts at new words. Already having Big B who talks nonstop, I have not been very anxious for him to talk. But hearing his new words and witnessing his excitement melts my heart.

WHen lil CJ wants to say 'no', he shakes his head. I've been very content with his nonverbal gesture. All of that came to a screeching halt today at Ms. Mandy's Valentine's play date.

While informing him of his impending diaper change, lil CJ looked at me and with a confident voice belted out a loud and clear 'NO!' My heart skipped a beat. It was his first official spoken 'No!'

It has been his answer to everything all.day.long.

I'm wondering which sweet little angel of my beloved friends taught him this God forsaken word. =P