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God brings people into our lives at different times. It is amazing how He knows who, when, and how it will all work out.

I am so grateful for all my blessings - new and old.


I Spy

Today I passed what i think was the hatch from Lost. It was being towed on a flat bed with the usual 'over sized load' warning cars around it.

Seriously tho, other than the obvious modular home, WTF are those things in transit?! I literally did a double take today.

Besa Mi Culo

It is just a fact of life. At some point no matter who you are, you will have to kiss some one's ass. I really don't mind kissing a little ass, especially if it results in a positive outcome for me. And vice versa, I don't mind a little saliva on my bum bum either. HOWEVER, there is a big difference between kissing ass and licking the hole. I pointed this act out today. I was told to mind my own business. I just can not handle someone getting his/her hole licked especially when he/she feels entitled AND is unappreciative.

Act of Contrition

I am sorry. Sorry that it happened, sorry for how things are now, sorry I can't seem to 'shake it off' and get over it. There is a lot invested in us, and I am not willing to completely let go. Time heals all wounds, and if history repeats itself, we will be chatting it up like old times soon enough. Too many memories - good and bad - to say goodbye.

Know that I do love and miss you.


Boyfriend Shmoyfriend.

I feel for Cameron Diaz. JT is all over the gossip columns with his new woman Jessica Biel...looking all happy go lucky to be in 'new' love. I like Cameron Diaz. She comes across as fun and easy going. (Of course, I am equally a Timberlake fan.) It just sucks when the other person moves on first. As kewl as I think it would be to be a household Hollywood name, this is an example of why I love being little ol'me in suburbia Ala - bama.

Coupon Cutter Me

I try to save a few bucks here and there. I don't have a paying job, so I feel it only prudent of me to spend wisely. Sometimes, buying the more expensive item is worth the extra dollar. I mean in all honesty, some stuff should just be labeled "Cheap Crap".

Slumber Party

Baby B prefers to sleep in our bed. She has since day the day she was born. Cat naps, full afternoon naps, and bedtime are all preferred in our queen size bed. Yup...that is right, we don't even have a king.

Anyway, the point of this post is to admit my guilt. Daddy is gone, and pumpkin is keeping his spot warm.

Oh well...I guess we will be back to 'Phase 1- Crying It Out In Her Own bed' come Tuesday.

Spendin' Cheese

I was meant to be rich. My taste is too expensive for my wallet. I was actually in the mood to 'window' shop for myself today. So, while perusing thru Parisain - my personal fav, I happened upon the Ralph Lauren section. I didn't even bother to look at the price tags as I drooled over the fabulous outfits.

Of course, once home, I hit the Ralph Lauren website. Yes, I want the $1,000.00 dress. Yes, I know for a fact the $199.00 capri jeans would look fabulous on me. Yes, that $1,500.00 belt would go great with a $200.00 pair of jeans.

Yes, it hurts window shopping. Anyone see this weekends Goody's ad?...

Stuttering Stttacy Stuttering Stttacy

I don't know what my deal is. Ever since I had little B, I can't seem to spit out the words in my mouth. They literally get to the tip of my tongue, and I find myself tripping over them.

Today for instance, I could not say 'Pediatric'. Simple...4 syllable word...and I...like a dumb a-s-s froze every time. It pisses me off.

When I was younger, I intentionally subjected myself to public speaking situations. I would get so nervous, I actually gasped for air. But I knew, with practice and perseverance, I would improve. I took classes in high school and college that taught effective communication skills. I practiced counting my 'um's & ah's'. I became a lector at church and read from the pulpit on Sundays. I acted in plays, gave speeches in classes, and later in my career days, I held new hire orientation and training classes in which I talked for hours straight.

Is this a symptom of mommy hood no one informed me of??? This inability to effectively articulate my thoughts makes me sound like a babbling imbecile. I tell you, I can speak - quite well actually...just not lll-aatt-ely.

I think I will take up sign language or become a mime. Either way, I might have a better chance of having more intelligible conversations.

Hmmm...in retrospect...I never seem to fumble on my bad words.

I Love My Husband Today.

This evening, after my concerned discussion about our neglected yard, darling hubby is outside doing yard work. Okay, so maybe it is watering and pulling some random weeds, but it is yard work none the less. Did I mention he despises yard work? I do too, so I can't complain much.

The best part tho, pumpkin is outside with him. I am sure he won't accomplish much, but this is one of those moments when I remember why I love him so.

Do they make them in size 10???

Where were all these cute shoes when I was growing up?! In the 3rd grade I had a pair of bright blue Gonzo (yes - from the Muppets) Converse sneakers. (They haunt me to this day.)

I am just shocked that none of my trendy NYC friends have enlightened me on these fabulous kid shoes. Hmmm...maybe they are keeping them a secret so their kids are the best dressed... Either way, next time I visit, my little B will be sporting a pair. (Ugh, mommy needs a paying job.)

If you haven't seen them yet - check them out!!! www.vincentshoestore.us

I am in love with the 'Betty's'.

The Drive By Pick-Up

While driving home this afternoon from a day at the pool, I notice a car riding in unison with me. I look to my right, and it is this old, gap toothed, poorly groomed God forsaken man. He is smiling and mouthing something at me. I quickly refocus on the road. I begin thinking to myself - being the mommy that I am, "What if little B's door isn't closed all the way? Or what if I left omething on top of the roof?" Despite my better judgement, I once again look to my right. Mr. Desperately Pathetic is all smiles. I can see his tonsils through the missing teeth. I flick him the bird.

Not only was he God's gift to shows like 'The Swan', but he was in some beat up 1980's bucket of a car.

This only makes me wonder...do I look like his type?!!

My new favorite sound...

is that of little B's feet as they pitter patter around the house. Amazingly enough, I can decipher happy pitter patter, upset/hurt pitter patter, angry pitter patter... All of which I love.

'Bye Bye Baby...I'm gonna miss you so...'

I put away little B's high chair today. She now insists on sitting at the table in her booster seat. Of course she selected the chair that was her daddy's throne. However, he relinquished the rights to his precious little - food throwing - angel.

I have mixed feelings about stowing away this enormous non-space saving piece of furniture. It is an obvious sign that my baby is quickly growing out of her baby'ness. A stage that I thought was suppose to feel like an eternity.

But along with the sadness, I equally and excitedly embrace the idea that someday this chair will return to my kitchen. It is not a final farewell.

I just hope when I do bid adieu to all of the baby apparatus that currently clutters my home, it will be with sentiments of accomplishment, fondness, and love for times cherished.

Lord knows...I am not at that point yet.