Yankee Belle


Spendin' Cheese

I was meant to be rich. My taste is too expensive for my wallet. I was actually in the mood to 'window' shop for myself today. So, while perusing thru Parisain - my personal fav, I happened upon the Ralph Lauren section. I didn't even bother to look at the price tags as I drooled over the fabulous outfits.

Of course, once home, I hit the Ralph Lauren website. Yes, I want the $1,000.00 dress. Yes, I know for a fact the $199.00 capri jeans would look fabulous on me. Yes, that $1,500.00 belt would go great with a $200.00 pair of jeans.

Yes, it hurts window shopping. Anyone see this weekends Goody's ad?...


J said...

I hate window shopping. I also have extravagant taste, so I only leave feeling dissapointed and rejected. Let's go to the dollar store!