Yankee Belle


Happy 2nd!!

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet baby boy.

I thank God for every moment with you...

terrible twos tantrums and all.


Cry For The Camera!

lil CJ does not like having his photo taken for his birthday. He does not like having his photo taken at a wedding. He does not like having his photo taken with an over sized bunny.

I'd like to think he will eventually realize mama gets her photo. Until then, I'll just add another $1.00 to his therapy jar.

(This was the 2nd attempt at his 1st birthday pics. He was actually 18mos in this photo.)

I am guessing male model is not in his future.



When Grandma doesn't have blocks, you substitute.


TV LineUp

Big B was never an avid tv watcher. She had 2 favorites - Max & Ruby & Lazy Town. (Big B was Stephanie from Lazy Town one Halloween.) Other than those shows, Big B never watched tv. Movies - forget about it. I sometimes found myself envious of friends whose kids would sit with eyes glued to the television.

Then lil CJ came along. He loves him some tv. I joke with hubby that it is obviously a male family trait. lil CJ loves to watch Sesame Street (Cookie, Oscar & Abby preferably) and his all time personal fav Blues Clues. His favorite episode - building a block bridge or as he refers to it 'Triangle Block' is played several times a day. And now thanks to his sister, iCarly has been added. His top pick - the prank episode. He calls it "iCarly - Potty." (Mommy likes this episode too actually.)

I have learned that I must limit my son's exposure. Otherwise, I may start finding him with a bag of chips in one hand and the other down his pants.


Questions, Questions, Everywhere Questions.

1. Why does the water go down the drain? Why does it make that swirly thing at the bottom?

2. How do we breath air?

3. Why is the grass green? How does it grow so much?

4. Why do our eyes look at stuff?

5. Who came up with toilet paper?

6. How do people know to stop on a red light?

Big B incessantly asks questions. I'm so thankful she has a thirst for knowledge and wants to learn. But some days, my brain is not prepared. I try my best to answer her, but my answers always provoke a new question. Hubby is pretty good about answering, but even he tires.

I hope I am not stifling her curiosity, but some days I just flat out tell her:

"No more questions. Mommy's brain hurts." Which is followed by:

"How can a brain hurt?"

Serenity now.


Girls Gone Wild.

When girls sneak mommy's camera...Mommy finds this:

Im a little concerned about what these two will be into as teenagers. #serenitynow


WW - Baby Love


Boys Will Be Boys

I've read all about how kids are gender conditioned by their parents at birth. "Boys like cars; girls like baby dolls." And of course when I found out I was having a boy, I loaded up on what boys are suppose to like. Cars, balls, trains...all those stereotypical toys. Big B already had the house well stocked with all things girly. So should my son prefer girl toys, he would have a vast selection of those as well.

From day one, lil CJ has preferred 'boy' toys. There are times when he will sit and play with Big B's doll house or push around her baby stroller, but for the most part, lil CJ prefers knocking down blocks, setting up train tracks...or playing basketball.

Even when we are outside, lil CJ is attracted to anything that can and will result in being dirty. While Big B gasps in disgust at her lil bro's mess, lil CJ basks in his dirty glory.

Enjoying a warm spring day outdoors, lil CJ found a hole worth digging in. I allowed him to play and do what boys do best. Make a mess. The whole time thinking....tonight - like last night - will be a bath night.

It has finally dawned on me, that little boys never grow out of this dirty phase. My hubby is proof. =P