Yankee Belle


TV LineUp

Big B was never an avid tv watcher. She had 2 favorites - Max & Ruby & Lazy Town. (Big B was Stephanie from Lazy Town one Halloween.) Other than those shows, Big B never watched tv. Movies - forget about it. I sometimes found myself envious of friends whose kids would sit with eyes glued to the television.

Then lil CJ came along. He loves him some tv. I joke with hubby that it is obviously a male family trait. lil CJ loves to watch Sesame Street (Cookie, Oscar & Abby preferably) and his all time personal fav Blues Clues. His favorite episode - building a block bridge or as he refers to it 'Triangle Block' is played several times a day. And now thanks to his sister, iCarly has been added. His top pick - the prank episode. He calls it "iCarly - Potty." (Mommy likes this episode too actually.)

I have learned that I must limit my son's exposure. Otherwise, I may start finding him with a bag of chips in one hand and the other down his pants.