Yankee Belle



Every year folks come up with resolutions they hope to keep and fulfill in the new year. I too am like this, but the one I want to share is my personal effort to be more involved in life and its' daily gifts. This for me means less time on the computer.

So if you want to know what is goign on with me, call me. Let's get together. Let's make memories instead of emails. Of course I am not going to completely ignore the wonderful world that Mr. Al Gore created for us. I will be around.

Happy New Year to all!

Got to run...life is calling.

Sweet Jesus Almighty.

I am not a nature fan mostly because of the insects that take up residence in it. So, I avoid many things that involve nature. I respect that fact that we need to coexist in order for our world to survive. However, I draw the line when those repulsive creatures enter my home. I stay out of your habitat - you stay out of mine.

Today, an arrogant ginormous spider decided to waltz thru my front door. YEs - the front. I quickly thought of K-Mom's intruder a while back and wondered if this was a relative. I had no time to take a picture for comparison. I grabbed one of hubby's size 27 shoes and proceeded to beat the living s-h-i-t out of it while screaming even worse obscenities. (It would have made for a great U-Tube moment.)

Why did God feel the need to create these creatures? Are there mosquitoes that big out there somewhere?! I may never leave the confines of my home again...


I have found my favorite place to eat. It doesn't have that typical Birmingham feel, and the atmosphere definitely adds to the foods already delicious flavor. I ate their 2x this weekend, and I must say I am already itching to go back.

I have finally found a little piece of Heaven in the 'Ham. Now all I need is to add a good glass of wine...140 days to go.

Can It Get Any Better?!

Bama beat Auburn - not only beat them - demolished them. Bama kept them from putting a single point on the board. Auburn's final score --- A BIG FAT ZERO. I am still laughing my a-s-s off. Can you say 'annihilated'?!

12-0 -Holy Hell! Roll F'in Tide!!!!