Yankee Belle


Got A Girlfriend?

lil B loves playing with our neighbor boy. He is 6. Sweet little guy. The 2 of them play really well.

While sitting on the front porch Thursday, neighbor boy came over to chat with lil B & me. I asked him how school was that day and yadda. I then asked how his girlfriend was. He told me he didn't see her because she attends a different school. Inquisitive, I looked at him and asked: 'What about lil B being your girlfriend?' lil B looked at me and said 'Gross!' And he quickly replied 'She's 4!'

There is humor all over this post. The fact that I put my baby on the spot and she reacted like a teenager...because I know she adores said neighbor boy. The fact that neighbor boy thinks lil B is way too young for him....all 2 years. And the fact that they both beg to play with each other on a daily basis yet calling each other boyfriend-girlfriend is out of the question.

However, their secret love affair ended this evening when neighbor boy accidentally broke lil B's shopping cart.

Ah, young love.

Parental Safety.

lil B has become my big girl helper. Today while putting away the groceries, she was eager to assist. I handed her the new box of garbage bags and instructed her to place them under the sink. Before I even opened my mouth to tell her that I would remove the child safety latch on the cabinet door, she had it off. Then as I watched in awe, she replaced it perfectly - as if the cabinet had never been opened.

I'm scared to know what other things my lil B has me fooled on.

Our Own Sitcom.

I am not the type to starve myself, and I have not found a way to cram working out into my routine yet. So the last 10 lbs from my second pregnancy are relentlessly hanging on.

Thanks to this extra baggage, my jeans are snug. I refuse to buy new jeans, as I hope to fit into my old jeans...sooner or later. In the meantime, I have become quite fond of my sweatpants.

The other day while sporting my capri sweats, hubby said to me: "Again with the sweatpants?"

Me: "What? I'm comfortable."

Hubby: "You know the message you're sending out to the world with these sweatpants? You're telling the world, 'I give up. I can't compete in normal society. I'm miserable, so I might as well be comfortable.'"

Damn skippy. Just call me George.

There Goes The Waiting Room.

lil B had her 4 year check up today. SHe had no idea we were going to the doctor this afternoon until we literally pulled up to the hospital/doctor's office. The look on her face was sheer disgust.

Disgust turned to fear as I would not tell her exactly why we were there. I knew if I said it was her appointment, she would scream and yell and fight me to the death. It would not have been so bad had I left lil C with hubby. Instead, I had both kids in tow.

I sign her in at the nurse's desk. lil B begins asking "Whose name did you put? Write lil C's name instead, mommy. Please..." She begins to cry. My heart is breaking. Then I look around the waiting room and watch the faces of the other patiently waiting kids turn from oblivion to fear. lil B was sobbing "I don't want a shot!" The once quiet waiting room began to be...a crying room.

I never told lil B she was getting shots. But she knows her mama well, I guess. I didn't want to lie. My lack of an answer said it all.

Thankfully, her shots are now caught up until age 11....I think I will cry now. Not from the ordeal of witnessing my baby get 4 shots in the leg, but from the idea that she will be 11 one day - too soon.

I need a shot of tequila.

Come Again?

I try. I really - truly do. It is just so hard to refrain from adult language while driving. There are so many idiots on the road. SOmetimes the words just fall out of my mouth.

Today while out and about, a car ran a stop sign. I actually didn't use a profanity. Instead, I yelled "What are you doing?!" I was so proud of my verbal self restraint.

Then from the back seat I hear:


I knew what lil B meant. Replace the 'CR' with a 'J'.

Either way, the other driver had it coming.

Family Portrait.

Cinderella, Stephanie from LazyTown, Darth Vader, & Yoda.

lil B insisted on being Stephanie. She adores the show and why not? Halloween is a holiday for kids. Although it would have been nice had I been able to convince her to match our family theme. But of course, my costume was late anyway. So here we are.

Either way, it's a classic photo.

Watch Out World.

After several discussions about piercing her ears and one failed attempt - she chickened out at the last minute, - lil B awoke Thursday, October 1st determined that was the day. As the afternoon drifted on, and the persistent begging began to wear on my nerves, we headed over to Claire's.

lil B and I selected a pretty pair of blue sapphire studs. We both agreed they complimented her eyes perfectly. Plus, the blue stood out as if screaming "LOOK - MY EARS ARE PIERCED!!!" - Exactly what she wanted.

I decided to browse the shop while waiting for the manager. As my eyes crossed & rolled from the endless isles of tacky teeny bopper crap, I realized lil B was not behind me. I called out her name and quickly heard a stern "Im sitting in the chair waiting."

'Holy hell!!' was all I could think. My soon-to-be 4 year old had climbed up the tall chair and was patiently awaiting something that makes some 10 year olds cry. (I've witnessed the tears.)

The whole process went flawlessly. lil B neither whimpered nor flinched. I can not say the same for me. My heart melted a little, as lil B did not even want to hold my hand. She said she could do it all by herself. And there right before my very eyes, I witnessed one of her first true independent acts. A coming of age if you will. The look of triumph was radiating from her face. The look of pride radiating from mine.

I now know if my baby sets her mind to something, she will do it. I can only imagine what her future holds.

I'm just thankful she still needs her mama in the middle of the night - like during thunder storms. Granted,I send hubby to her room, but still... ;)

Beyond Thankful.

lil B celebrated her 4th birthday. 4th!!! *sniff sniff* I am tempted to change her name from lil B to Big B...but not just yet.

We celebrated her party with a grand affair. She requested a blowout. So mommy & daddy happily obliged. SHe is after all, our one and only Princess.

I am so very thankful for all her friends that attended. It truly would not have been a party with out every last one of them.

Many argue it is the quality of friends over the quantity. But luckily for my lil B, she has both. lil B knew every single friend present by name. I just hope some day she looks back and knows how blessed she is.

Happy Birthday to my lil B!

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships."
- Abraham Lincoln


My title says it all.

New Orleans - Mommy Style

There is nothing more refreshing than a trip with great friends to a fabulous city. Not only was I surrounded by great company, but I also experienced my first ever full body massage. Lord Jesus Almighty...I am sold. Once you go massage, you never go back.

We have officially started a moms only traveling group. This past trip will be hard to beat. It f'n rocked. I'm laughing about so much shiat as I sit here typing this. Im leaving Kimtastic to record all the details tho. I'm lazy.

In the words of MusicMama "I want to travel with you bitches until I'm 80 something!"

'S' I'll meet you at the snow cone shop with a small jigger of rum. I think I'm dt-ing from my lack of banana daiquiris.

'H' so glad you got nailed in the a-s-s and it wasnt me.

Great times ladies, great times!!!! Thank you Sooooooooooooooooo much 'S'!!!!!!


Boo Empire State Building.

Land of the free recognizing the land of oppression. Celebrating communism is unacceptable.