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There Goes The Waiting Room.

lil B had her 4 year check up today. SHe had no idea we were going to the doctor this afternoon until we literally pulled up to the hospital/doctor's office. The look on her face was sheer disgust.

Disgust turned to fear as I would not tell her exactly why we were there. I knew if I said it was her appointment, she would scream and yell and fight me to the death. It would not have been so bad had I left lil C with hubby. Instead, I had both kids in tow.

I sign her in at the nurse's desk. lil B begins asking "Whose name did you put? Write lil C's name instead, mommy. Please..." She begins to cry. My heart is breaking. Then I look around the waiting room and watch the faces of the other patiently waiting kids turn from oblivion to fear. lil B was sobbing "I don't want a shot!" The once quiet waiting room began to be...a crying room.

I never told lil B she was getting shots. But she knows her mama well, I guess. I didn't want to lie. My lack of an answer said it all.

Thankfully, her shots are now caught up until age 11....I think I will cry now. Not from the ordeal of witnessing my baby get 4 shots in the leg, but from the idea that she will be 11 one day - too soon.

I need a shot of tequila.


Anonymous said...

aweee, that is SO sad. :( They grow SO freaking fast, it's scary. Sweet Lil B trying to get Caden to take one for the team...

Kim said...

poor lil B and poor momma. she is so mature now. and when she ends a sentence with "please," you know it's gonna be rough on ya.