Yankee Belle


They Are Always Watching.

lil B had a ponytail holder on her wrist. Proudly, she walks over to me and states "Like 'Random Mommy' does." I just smiled, and a little piece of my heart melted. My God sent fabulous friends are making impressions on my baby...err...big girl.

Now I am wondering what kind of impression I am making on my friends' kids?.

Note to self - for sure need to watch my mouth now. Not that I curse profusely, but I occasionally drop the 'f bomb' or some other inappropriate kid word.

I do not want to be the THAT MOM. F*&^...what if I am already!

Hanging With The 'Rents

I find it humorous that when I am at my parents' house, I feel like a teenager again.

As I hang out in the den surfing the web, watching crap tv, I leave my parents to care for my child. Occasionally I visit the kitchen for a snack and hear how my child is into the hand lotion again, keeps turning the lights on and off, and is insisting she needs her 8th Oreo to lick the cream from the middle.

This morning lil B wanted to feed the birds. Pop Pop took her outside with a loaf of bread. She proceeded to throw the bread onto the driveway. The whole time Pop Pop yelling "No! No! In the grass! Throw to the grass!" One would have thought it had snowed.

The last time we visited, my 82 year old dad had my car packed up, running, warm, and facing the street the morning we were to go home. I hadn't even showered yet.

Hmmm...maybe I should consider moving home a few months out of the year. I get home cooked meals, my laundry is washed, and 24/7 child care. Although, it might kill Pop Pop.

Boys & Num Nums

lil B about a year ago named the male genitalia 'num-num'. This name came to her as she curiously grabbed her boyfriend's 'frank and beans' while he had his diaper changed. Yes, lil B will tell you she has a boyfriend. The one and only Buddha.

Well, the other day I was on the phone and mentioned a certain male by his name. lil B stoped what she was doing and said "He is a num-num."

So, am I correct in assuming my innocent 2 & 1/2 year old lil girl properly used her child appropriate word to call this guy a dick?!

Good Lord...my days of sanity are numbered.