Yankee Belle


Meeting Senator Sessions

In September, we had the privledge of meeting Senator Jeff Sessions to thank him for his support on the Artificial Pancreas Project. He spoke on the senate floor and voted in support of pushing the FDA for approval.

Advocacy is so important in fighting this disease.


November is Diabetes Awareness Month

DIABETES isn't pink or sexy. It doesn't involve boobs or cute shirts.

It's about 3 am blood checks every night, needles, low blood sugars, high blood sugars, counting carbohydrates, and the smell of insulin on your hands .

It's about the constant fear of hypoglycemia OR hyperglycemia. The constant need to plan every small activity due to the impacts on blood and sugar control.

It's about a child learning to cope with not being invited to sleepovers or play dates.

It's about mountains of medical appointments, scans, blood tests, and terrifying results. It's about having a complete pharmacy in your handbag for all emergencies.

It's about listening to misinformed people say things like "You are lucky it's only diabetes," or "If he/she eats the right things he will grow out of it."

It's about the heartbreak when your child is diagnosed.

It's about watching them sleep at night and hoping that they wake in the morning.

It's about wishing it was you and not them.

It's about waiting for a cure...


The 1st Tooth Is The Deepest

Big B finally lost her 1st tooth tonight. It had been loose for weeks, but the past few days it was literally hanging on by a thread. (lil CJ has heard so much about this loose tooth, that he too walks around telling people he has a loose tooth and asks if they would like to see it.)

After some persuasion, Big B allowed me to push on it. The tooth literally popped out of her mouth. She was beyond ecstatic. Big B has been dreaming of this moment for the better part of a year.

Today was finally her day.

We took a million pictures of her posing with said tooth along with the tooth fairy pillow I used when I was little.

I asked her how much she thought the tooth fairy would bring for the 1st tooth. She quickly replied: "It is worth $100!!!" I let her know that other moms had told me $5.00 was the going rate. Although, deep down that 1st tooth is worth so much more to me. *sigh

Life is on warp speed...


Trick or Poo Poo

This Halloween, poor hubby was in class until 10 pm. I made the best of it, and we had a blast to say the least. We trick or treated in our neighborhood and then headed over to Grandaddy & Nana's for more fun. Grandaddy's costume was a riot! It took a few minutes, but lil CJ finally warmed up.

Of course there is a highlight to our night. When we first started out, shy lil CJ wanted nothing to do with knocking on people's doors. However, once he saw how much candy Big B was coming back with, he was running to house number 3.

I was so proud of my 2 1/2yo saying 'Twick or Tweat' (w stands for his lisp) and "Tank you!" That however, was a fleeting moment.

As he turned turned to walk down the front steps, lil CJ yelled:

"Happy Halloween! CACA POO POO!"

There is no question the homeowners heard it. And if they had any doubt, my facial expression confirmed their disbelief.

#Serenity Now


The Post Where I Brag.

Big B's parent - teacher conference for 5k was nothing short of perfect. Big B is exceeding in all areas and will be involved in an enrichment program. The only thing the teacher was worried about was losing Big B's attention. Mrs. P also added icing to my cake when she said "Big B is the type of student teacher's hope for every year." It melted this mama's heart. It is not only an achievement for Big B, but also a pat on the back to hubby and myself. I am basking in this commendation because who knows what the future holds. I am raising my babies to be independent thinkers; to make the choices they believe are the right ones. With this freedom comes failure. But so far, my baby girl is choosing wisely. *melting heart*

Of course, me having somewhat of a pessimistic side, I expected the meeting to be more like "she doesn't play well with others' or "she is struggling in such and such area." I even asked if there was a problem I should be aware of. The only thing Mrs. P could tell me about was Big B's 'stink eye'. Mrs. P thinks it is a hoot a 6yo already knows how to express her dislike of something. I informed her that the stink eye has been around since birth.

Family has always said how smart and bright Big B is. Of course, I totally believe the hype.

Now, on to kid number 2.