Yankee Belle


Trick or Poo Poo

This Halloween, poor hubby was in class until 10 pm. I made the best of it, and we had a blast to say the least. We trick or treated in our neighborhood and then headed over to Grandaddy & Nana's for more fun. Grandaddy's costume was a riot! It took a few minutes, but lil CJ finally warmed up.

Of course there is a highlight to our night. When we first started out, shy lil CJ wanted nothing to do with knocking on people's doors. However, once he saw how much candy Big B was coming back with, he was running to house number 3.

I was so proud of my 2 1/2yo saying 'Twick or Tweat' (w stands for his lisp) and "Tank you!" That however, was a fleeting moment.

As he turned turned to walk down the front steps, lil CJ yelled:

"Happy Halloween! CACA POO POO!"

There is no question the homeowners heard it. And if they had any doubt, my facial expression confirmed their disbelief.

#Serenity Now