Yankee Belle


The Post Where I Brag.

Big B's parent - teacher conference for 5k was nothing short of perfect. Big B is exceeding in all areas and will be involved in an enrichment program. The only thing the teacher was worried about was losing Big B's attention. Mrs. P also added icing to my cake when she said "Big B is the type of student teacher's hope for every year." It melted this mama's heart. It is not only an achievement for Big B, but also a pat on the back to hubby and myself. I am basking in this commendation because who knows what the future holds. I am raising my babies to be independent thinkers; to make the choices they believe are the right ones. With this freedom comes failure. But so far, my baby girl is choosing wisely. *melting heart*

Of course, me having somewhat of a pessimistic side, I expected the meeting to be more like "she doesn't play well with others' or "she is struggling in such and such area." I even asked if there was a problem I should be aware of. The only thing Mrs. P could tell me about was Big B's 'stink eye'. Mrs. P thinks it is a hoot a 6yo already knows how to express her dislike of something. I informed her that the stink eye has been around since birth.

Family has always said how smart and bright Big B is. Of course, I totally believe the hype.

Now, on to kid number 2.