Yankee Belle


Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

After telling lil B why she couldn't do something for the 3,987 time; she proceeds to fold her arms, glare at me hard and yell:

"You are just like your MUTTER!"

ANd she is so right. My comment of "Enough! Knock it off!" is exactly what my mother use to say.

Mirror mirror on the wall, I have become my mother after all.

St. Patty's Day - NYC Irish Style

lil B and I decided to catch the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC. We are part Irish...so it only seemed appropriate to celebrate with other Irish mics.

First there was the pre-Irish get together. This was grown-up Irish only. Hmmm...maybe I should rephrase grown up.

Just like old times...

Then came the parade:

After some great fun, we decided it was time to head home.

Our ancestors would be proud - despite the fact I might need a liver transplant.
Erin Go Bragh.

Farewell Pita Pita.

Today lil B decided she was a big girl, and no longer needs her pacy...fondly named Pita Pita.

We went to Build-A-Bear. She picked out the pink kitty. Placed her pacy(s) in it and said good-bye to her baby-hood. (I held back my tears.)

Welcome Pita Pita Kitty!

(Please keep mommy and daddy in your prayers for the next week especially around nap & bedtime.)