Yankee Belle


Best Friends Forever...

Or until the next round of "Mine! No MINE!!!" starts.

The Future's So Bright, I Got To Wear Shades...

lil B loves our new piano. Uncle Josh was quick to sit down and teach her a few notes - specifically ones to GNR's "November Rain." Hmm...the next Liberace maybe?..

Although mama likes the idea of President too.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

lil B and I had a mommy daughter date Saturday night. It consisted of dinner with friends and a great Christmas show put on by a local University. lil B despite being napless, was amazing. My 3 year old acted more like a 13 year old. All grown up and dare I say...sweetly perfect. (Of course all the girls that night did too!)

What melted my heart the most was at the show, lil B insisted on sitting with her friends. So there in the middle of a long row, sat my 3 year old 'baby'. Completely attentive to the show - not needing mommy at all. One time I checked on her and she actually told me to return to my seat.

I love that my baby is independent, and I am obviously doing something right thus far...but at 3?! I thought this happened around 10ish.

Kids today do grow up way too fast! (Crap - now I sound like my Grandmother.)

Of course, the night would not have been complete with out some boys. Leave it to The Fred & lil B. They make their mamas proud and are going to make their daddies sweat. =)

North Pole, Alabama.

lil B and I went to a Christmas craft show this past weekend. Santa also happen to be there for pictures. As soon as lil B spotted him, she excitedly yelled "Hi Santa!" And with that turned to me and seriously asked "Is this the North Pole mommy?"

For a split second, I wished it was for her.

Sick Baby Blues

lil B has been sick for the past 2 days, which means mommy has been home tending to her. After about 48 hours of non-stop cartoons,Disney movies, Candy Land & Hi Ho Cherry'O, my brain is mush. I think the walls of my home are closing in on me, or the clothes I have been wearing for the past 2 days are starting to emit a hallucinogenic odor.

I even replaced the dead batteries in her obnoxious keyboard/piano. WHat was I thinking?!?

The Power of Marketing

Some of my favorite songs from childhood happen to be commercial jingles that to this day bring me back. Who can resist reminiscing when she/he hears the infamous Toys R Us song..."I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid..." (go on, finish the song, you know you love it too.)

Now lil B has started to absorb some of the catchy jingles. The first one was the Band-Aid commercial. (This being a favorite of my childhood too.) No matter what lil B is doing or where in the house she is, lil B will stop and sing along. Everybody now - "I'm stuck on Band-Aid brand, 'cause Band-Aids stick on me".

lil B's most recent favorite - the Subway commercial. "Five dollar, five dollar foot longs..." Is this comparable to "My bologna has a first name..."? Time will tell.

Anyone seen the Toys R Us toy catalog this year? I still salivate at the sight of it. If only Santa was still around for adults.


For a pregnant lady to stay out until midnight, she has to be having fun. Add a group of fabulous ladies to it, and you have a BUNCO!!!

We actually do play the game, no matter how hard it is to break away from our great conversations. And even tho we are all moms, we still manage to have conversations regarding things other than kids - like Zebra strap-ons. Queen B & K - we are still on for the psychic right? ;)

Thanks to BlueMomma for hosting, and to our first event host Seis. And to all the ladies who make it worth showing up to despite my inability to socially lubricate myself...I definitely rolled a 'BUNCO!!!

Now if I can figure out how Kimtastic cheated. Was it 'rub ta-tas on table, caress left butt cheek...'


After dropping lil B off at school this morning, I cheated and grabbed me a Starbucks. I drove home slowly - admiring God's colorful landscape. (The tress look truly amazing right now.) While sipping my tasty indulgence, happily singing along to my Christmas songs courtesy of 96.5, I had another epiphany. Life is good. And I am thankful.

Of course, my mind wandered when a car I liked passed by and I began to wonder when my upgrade would arrive... I said 'life was good', not perfect. ;)

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

A local radio station has begun playing Christmas music. Although it is still a bit premature, I am already excited!!! I love love love the holiday season. Family, friends, food, you name it - the holiday season has it. The only bummer this holiday - my beloved eggnog beverage will be Southern Comfort-less. Being knocked up has some disadvantages. This is definitely one.

Now if Mother Nature would cool us down to a nice balmy holiday temperature... Last I checked, I don't live in Florida.

Things I've Learned Since Becoming A Mom.

While on the way to my monthly prenatal visit, I started thinking about how different I am now - now that I am a mommy. A lot of things that once upon a time were unimportant or not thought of, are now very important and life defining. Here are a few:

1. I understand the concept of true unconditional love.

2. I worry about my family and our well being. That is it. The rest is a waste of precious life. (Not saying I don't care about other things, I just can't carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.)

3. Belief in God is paramount. Without Him, my life would be meaningless.

4. Life is full of surprises. Some good, some bad but never boring.

5. I am morphing into a middle aged woman. Not only in my appearance (^$#^@&!!!), but thoughts and perceptions too. I am okay with that, as I identify myself primarily as a wife and mother. However, I am still a sucker for fashion and trends.

6. Politics concern me. Taking food off my table or clothes off my child's back is unacceptable. I can control these with the power of my informed vote.

7. I enjoy good adult conversations - ones that aren't centered around poop and boo boos. I have these talks with my 3 year old daily.

8. I am becoming more forthcoming. Being candid leaves little room for misunderstandings and assumptions. I don't do 'bs'.

9. The older I get, the faster time goes.

10. And lastly - for this post, I am a role model to my child. If no one else in the world ever sees me as one, my lil B does (for now.) And for that reason alone, I try to be the best person I can be. Although, I kinda have a 'few' faults. Just a few tho. Hmm - does the occasional potty mouth count?! =P