Yankee Belle



For a pregnant lady to stay out until midnight, she has to be having fun. Add a group of fabulous ladies to it, and you have a BUNCO!!!

We actually do play the game, no matter how hard it is to break away from our great conversations. And even tho we are all moms, we still manage to have conversations regarding things other than kids - like Zebra strap-ons. Queen B & K - we are still on for the psychic right? ;)

Thanks to BlueMomma for hosting, and to our first event host Seis. And to all the ladies who make it worth showing up to despite my inability to socially lubricate myself...I definitely rolled a 'BUNCO!!!

Now if I can figure out how Kimtastic cheated. Was it 'rub ta-tas on table, caress left butt cheek...'


Kim said...

well if BM's table is worn on the edges, don't point to my ta-ta's because they're innocent, i swear! i'm just that good, that's all.

and damn straight, i'm still on for the psychic...not unless she looks at me and gasps. then i'm outta there!

Anonymous said...

Count me in on the pyschic! I went to one on River Street in Savannah and she was awesome and I do believe legit (shut up, disbelievers) everything she said has come true to the T and she brought up stuff from the past that completely floored me. I doubt there's any legit ones around here, though, but it's always fun!!
~ Karla

Becca said...

yes! I am still on for the psychic! We just need to find one, right? I also want to still go ghost hunting.