Yankee Belle


Look Mom, No Training Wheels!

The weather was fabulous this weekend. To take full advantage of it, Daddy decided to teach Big B how to ride her bike...minus the training wheels. My Big B is getting so big. *sniff*


Wordless Wednesday.


Air CJ.

While waiting for Big B to finish up her cheer-nastics class, lil CJ played 'Ba-Ball' in the gym. I had brought along his little basketball...a real b-ball just scaled down to fit his 21 month old hands.


First, he practiced a few shots. Cheering "Yay!" & "H-oo-p!" each time the ball came close to the net.

After a few minutes, lil CJ was getting air between him & the court.

He attracted some fans that were at least 4 years his senior. They asked him to play a game. As if he understood, he answered with an "Ay." And quite honestly, I truly believe he did understand.

My lil CJ may have peed his pants he was so ecstatic.

Lucky for him, he still wears diapers.


Wordless Wednesday - Go Blazers!!!

In honor of us attending our first UAB 'Ba-Ball' game tonight:


Ba-Ball Excitement.

Daddy has dreams of a future football player. lil CJ may have another sport in mind.


"Are You???"

Santa brought Big B and lil CJ an air hockey table for Christmas. They are obsessed to say the least. Even tho lil CJ is only 20 months, he can hold his own with the hand 'stick' and puck. When he wants to play, he will stand on the step stool/chair and yell 'Are you?!?!' at Big B to join in.

Even the boyfriend and his older sister come over for matches.

Should I begin to see beer caps and cigarrette butts, I may start to panic. Or be bummed I wasn't included. ;o)


Disruptive Blitz.

Hubby & I bit the bullet. On Jan. 1, 2011 we added a cat to our family. The lucky feline is named Blitzen, after one of Santa's reindeer. His nickname is Blitz.

He is a very sweet cat. Hubby nor I are cat people. However, this kitty got lucky. He purred his way into our home.

Blitzen has spent the past 3 days under our bed. Big B went to check on him this morning, and he hissed. She came running into the living room and proclaimed:

"I want a dog!"

Serenity now.


Holy Whirlwind YankeeBelle!

Where has the time gone?!? I am so behind on highlight blogging. Thanksgiving, our trip to NYC, Nashville to see the Rockettes with the bffs, Christmas, and then our week in sunny warm Florida for New Years. Seriously, it all happened so fast.

Big B returned to school today. Finally. She missed the first day of school because we wanted to enjoy the sunshine state just one more day. After being out of the loop for 2 weeks, I suffered mommy brain and completely forgot what time I had to pick up the girls. I was 15 minutes late. oops.

I do best on routine, but a vacation is always well received.