Yankee Belle


Air CJ.

While waiting for Big B to finish up her cheer-nastics class, lil CJ played 'Ba-Ball' in the gym. I had brought along his little basketball...a real b-ball just scaled down to fit his 21 month old hands.


First, he practiced a few shots. Cheering "Yay!" & "H-oo-p!" each time the ball came close to the net.

After a few minutes, lil CJ was getting air between him & the court.

He attracted some fans that were at least 4 years his senior. They asked him to play a game. As if he understood, he answered with an "Ay." And quite honestly, I truly believe he did understand.

My lil CJ may have peed his pants he was so ecstatic.

Lucky for him, he still wears diapers.