Yankee Belle


Say What?.

Almost every night, hubby, lil B and I sit at our kitchen table and enjoy dinner together. We talk about our day's events and yadda. So the other night, hubby asked lil B what she did at school that day. My 3 year old replied...

"I hung out on the playground with my Chinese friend."

I'm Baaaaack.

Or at least I think I will try to be. I got a pretty new pink laptop, so blogging shouldn't take me an hour like it use to on my old slow a.s.s desktop. It's crazy how liberating a laptop is. I suggest everyone get one. I know I know, everyone had gotten one but me. "I got a new drug..." (I loved Huey Lewis back in the day btw.)

To my few loyal readers who shoot me emails to laugh along with my a.s.s. (you are laughing with me right?!) - I'm here.

'Blog' ya around!

An Open Letter.

Dear You,

I want to say how much I appreciate your phone call. I know it has been a while, but now is better than never.

I do think of you often. Good friends are never forgotten. I know it is hard, but in the end...you will feel so much better.

I'm here. You have my number.

Your friend,


2 posts in one day, but I am feeling too good not to share.

I hit the jackpot. It isn't money, it's knowledge. And knowledge is power.

And being right makes it even sweeter.

Moment Of Clarity In A House of Noise.

My parents are considerably older than most of my friends' parents. My dad will be 83 this year, and my mom is younger by 17 years...however still old IMO. Although their desktop is a million times faster than mine. Go figure...

Somethings I have noticed about my parents...

1. Everything is loud. The tv is loud, they talk loud, the phone is set on the highest ring setting... Yes, it is because they are losing their hearing...if my dad isnt already deaf. The fact that they are loud New Yorkers does not help the situation. It adds to the intensity.

2. If you tell them something important, plan on reminding them several more times. Memory now eludes them or maybe it because they didnt hear you the first time thanks to the friggin' deafening tv.

3. They tell me things that as their daughter I should know. Like where they were born, or when they moved from NY in the early 1990s. Um...hello?.. - I moved with you.

4. They think it is okay to spoil lil B by filling her full of junk food. For dinner last night, lil B had Oreos. (They are now referred to as Grandma's cookies.) For breakfast this morning, she had 3 of Grandma's cookies and a bowl of raisinettes. Um...I wont even mention that this was not what i had for breakfast growing up...ever.

5. My dad moves his car out of the garage everyday so it is 'ready' in case of an emergency. He may not go anywhere that day, but the car is ready. Thankfully, nothing that urgent has come up in the 20 years they have lived in this house. Ever. Of course if something did, it would still take my mom an hour to get ready to leave.

6. They still write checks. My mom has a checkcard, but only uses it when stores do not accept checks.

7. Soemtimes they talk to me like I know nothing. As in, they have been around for a long time and seen a lot of things. Of course this is very true. My dad lived thru WWII and being a prisoner of war...so sometimes I can not argue. Argh.

8. I am losing my train of thought...thanks to tv yelling at me...

Hey, I never said my blogging days were over...I just said I was out enjoying life. At this moment, I am enjoying this fast computer.