Yankee Belle


I Gotta A Feeling...

This song represents exactly what a great party night should be like...and tonight IS one of those nights.

The Black Eyed Peas rock...and The Ferg is awesome.

Happy Birthday JayDoug!

I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good good night (x3)
Tonight’s the night night
Let’s live it up
I got my money
Let’s spend it up
Go out and smash it
Like Oh My God
Jump off that sofa
Let’s get get OFF
I know that we’ll have a ball
If we get down
And go out
And just loose it all
I feel stressed out
I wanna let it go
Lets go way out spaced out
And loosing all control
Fill up my cup
Look at her dancing
Just take it off
Lets paint the town
We’ll shut it down
Let’s burn the roof
And then we’ll do it again



I'm going slightly old school here. Back in the good ole year of 1997, my high school BFF was living here in the 'Ham. She had graduated from the best university in ALabama...(ROLL TIDE) and was working off 280. I drove in from Nashville to visit her, check out her new apartment and party like the single chicks we were. She is and always has been a good Catholic. So before hitting the bars that Saturday night, she & I attended evening mass.

While kneeling in one of the pews, I asked for forgiveness. More specifically I prayed aloud: 'Forgive me Father, for I am about to be a lush.' We giggled at my honest humor.

For the next 10 years, I was exactly that. A young twenty-something girl partying like a rock star.

My BFF left the 'Ham a year later. For a decade, I had no idea what church I repented in nor what city/area of town it was in.

Flash forward to today. Not only is my family now parishioners of this church, but Big B goes to school there.

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor too.

(Godmothers & Godsons)


Wordless Wednesday - Play-Doh Party


Umph. Umph.

lil C loves to read his Peek-A-Boo Baby books. We read them almost everyday, at which he smiles, laughs and turns the page when he is ready to peek at the next baby. I keep them on a shelf in his room. The books are with in easy reach for him to grab and read on his own.

A few days ago, I heard this relentless grunting coming from his room. I walked in find lil C sitting there - staring at his book. I picked him up, placed him in my lap and happily read to him.

It is now a regular occurrence.


Apple Bottom Jeans and A Bottle of Jack.

Big B adores music. She especially loves to dance and sing along. However, the lyrics in pop music today are obviously very inappropriate for a child.

Big B already knows:

To brush her teeth with a bottle of jack.
She can be love drunk and hungover.
Sexy Chick

And there are so many more. Because of this, I have started listening to a 'lighter music mix' radio station. 70s thru today. I cringe when I hear the 70's stuff tho. It has never been and never will be my music preference. I decided to change it up one day, and listen to some country. It had been a while.

Big B listened attentively for a minute and then asked, "When do you think they will play Apple Bottom Jeans?"

Deep down....I was hoping to hear it too.


Wearing Unicorns.

In May, Big B will be finished with her MDO program. She will remain at the same school, but transition into the actual school building & become a full-fledged student.

Today we attended an open house there. Hubby & I wanted to tour the facilities and ask the usual 'first time' questions. Big B was excited about it too. She wanted to see what all the older kids did in the 'big' building.

The feeling was so surreal. My baby will be going to school...real attendance required school. Hubby turned to me at one point and mumbled, 'I feel like I am in the twilight zone. Big B isnt old enough for this yet, is she?.'

As we walked to the car, Big B looked at us and said:

'I can't wait to wear my own unicorn.'

She meant uniform, but it reassured us that our baby was still there.


Hair Done Did. Baby Done Gone.

I need to preface this post with the fact that I have hair attachment issues. I always have. Even a trim makes me cringe. It stems from my childhood, but that is a whole different post. And it is too late for hair therapy.

A couple months ago, the Mabster got her hair cut. It was S-U-P-E-R cute. So cute, lil B began asking about a hair cut like her BFF. It had been 2 years since lil B's first cut, which was merely a trim to remove the frazzled baby hair she had been born with. It was time.

Jump ahead to lil B sitting in the chair anxiously awaiting the big girl pampering. I instructed the hair dresser that I wanted her hair cut to a length between her chin & shoulder.

As she began to cut, my stomach churned. I could taste the vomit in my mouth. My baby's hair was long. Very long. I loved it. Pig tails, pony tails, braids, you name it. Her hair could do it. And it looked so stinking cute. But right before my eyes, with my permission, the girl began to cut. And cut. AND CUT. I had to sit down in the empty chair of death next to lil B to keep from passing out.

In the end, lil B was THRILLED! Me, not so much. Of course my lil B looks ADORABLE...but I see this grown up girl now. More the age of 8 than 4. Those little girl locks are gone. As if the baby went with the hair. Add to the fact that the girl also cut lil B's hair to her ear and not the length I requested, it hurt a little more.

I know, I know...hair grows back. And it will...It will. ;) But there was more that went with this cut. I feel like the last bit of what made my lil B a 'baby' was cut away today. Because of this, I feel like it is also time to graduate lil B from 'lil' to 'Big'. Big B...SHe is so big. My baby...errr...my big girl. *sigh*

The next hair cut tho....I will have some alcohol lubrication beforehand.

lil B

The Transformation

Big B & The Mabster


History In The Making.

At last night's moms' night out, which was saturated in margarita conversations...I had an epiphany.

Having been in this great state of Alabama almost 6 years, I realized that I have a history here now. Besides my babies being born here, I have met and gotten to know some women that I now call good friends.

For almost 3+ years, we have experienced pregnancies, illnesses, deaths and more. Not only do we lunch, play bunco and all that fun stuff...we are a traveling group of friends. Our kids, despite not going to school together, know each other and beg for their next play date.

We started out just being moms with kids as the common denominator. Now we possess so much more. And even when we go for months at a time not seeing one another, when we do reconnect - it is if we never missed a day.

One never knows what the furture holds, but I am excitedly looking forward to all our future outings (birthday party anyone?!?!) and of course, our next traveling adventure in March.

Quanity and quality all in one. Could we be blessed with anything more?!

XOXO ladies - each & every one of you!!!

Bunco/White Elephant Party

New Orleans Baby!

Beach Babes


Wordless Wednesday - Snow Dance, Nashville Style.


2009 Top 10

Highlights of 2009:

1. Birth of my son
2. Friends & family visiting from out of town
3. lil B's birthday blowout
4. lil C's baptismal blowout
5. Several girls only trips
6. New friends
7. My new car, pink laptop, purple iPod, & cell.
8. My Alabama Snuggie (xoxo Kimtastic) & Bama being undefeated
9. Our first family photo session turning out amazing
10. Holidays with the kids

And the lowest point of 2009:

1. The death of my father

- everything else was trivial in comparison.

Here's to a fabulous 2010!


The Boy Next Door AKA The Boyfriend.

lil B adores him. He is quite a sweetie. He has become a staple in our home...always coming over to play. Likewise, lil B goes to his house too.

There is a for sale sign in his front yard. lil B shed real tears about it one night. Then asked if he could live with us instead.

For a second, I considered it. I'm dreading the dating years already...


Wordless Wednesday - Superhero At My Door.


Spin Dance.

Hubby received a stationary bike for Christmas. Every morning he and lil B retreat to the basement for a work out. Hubby cycles & lil B dances.

Meanwhile upstairs, lil C crawls around in search of the blaring music source. Where am I, you ask? I can be found on the couch ---- with my snuggie.

*Post Note: lil B likes to dress herself. I'm sure anyone with a preschool aged kid can relate.