Yankee Belle


Apple Bottom Jeans and A Bottle of Jack.

Big B adores music. She especially loves to dance and sing along. However, the lyrics in pop music today are obviously very inappropriate for a child.

Big B already knows:

To brush her teeth with a bottle of jack.
She can be love drunk and hungover.
Sexy Chick

And there are so many more. Because of this, I have started listening to a 'lighter music mix' radio station. 70s thru today. I cringe when I hear the 70's stuff tho. It has never been and never will be my music preference. I decided to change it up one day, and listen to some country. It had been a while.

Big B listened attentively for a minute and then asked, "When do you think they will play Apple Bottom Jeans?"

Deep down....I was hoping to hear it too.