Yankee Belle


WW - No More Cookies Sadness.


One Kid's Trash, Is Actually Daddy's Swim Trunks.

lil C loves throwing stuff in the garbage. Anytime he passes thru the kitchen something gets tossed.

The other morning I was looking for my newly purchased Old Navy goods. Hubby was going to try his new swim trunks on. However, the bag was no where to be found.

Then I heard the now very familiar sound of my kitchen garbage can. What did my eyes behold...but the entire bag in the trash.

I guess lil C was unhappy that daddy got the new threads and he didnt.


WW - Hide & Seek with a Hint.


My lil Monkey Knows Banana.

lil C is changing so much, almost to the point where I can see signs of greater comprehension daily. It makes my heart skip a beat when I realize he understands me. My baby is growing up.

Yesterday, I asked him if he wanted a banana. Without hesitation, he sprang to his feet, toddled to the kitchen and rubbed his fingers together while pointing at the bananas. I was ecstatic.

If only he would understand the word 'no' when it comes to playing with the kitchen garbage. Things are beginning to disappear in my house, and I believe their new permanent home is at the city dump. Courtesy of my son.


Date Night.

Big B is spending close to 3 weeks in Florida with her Grands, Paw Paw & Aunt KT. How different our house is right now is an entirely different post.

The other night, Aunt KT a 21 year old college gal, was being picked up by her boyfriend for a date. Big B was distraught.

'I want to go on a date! I need a date too!'

Grands informed hubby she cried and cried...wanting a date too.

Aunt KT did not allow Big B to tag along tho. However, if Paw Paw & Grands had thought about it - they should have made Aunt KT take her.

Talk about some great birth control. I bet Aunt KT & the boyfriend would not have even held hands.


WW - Tantrum.


Tale Of A Rich Tooth Fairy.

Today, Big B told me the story of a boy in her class that lost his tooth. He accidentally fell down and knocked it out. However, the good news was that the tooth Fairy came to visit him. Big B told me he got a dollar in exchange for the tooth.

I asked her how much she thought she would get for a tooth. She responded with certainty:

'At least $100.00.'

My mom has already passed along my childhood tooth fairy pillow. In it was an old note written by me back in the early 1980s. The note reads:

'Dear Tooth Fairy, Don't take my tooth if you are leaving me only 25 cents.'

I was probably hoping for a dollar back then.

Talk about inflation.


WW - Warm Weather Fun


My Dancing Queen

It is hard to believe my baby participated in her third dance recital today. Before I know it, she will be graduating college. *sigh*

Last year's recital & this year's...The Mabster & Big B

Leave it to Big B to make sure the audience is entertained. She is so my daughter.