Yankee Belle


Delay of Game

For the past 3 years, hubby and I have had season tickets to EVERY Bama home game. The one game I missed...the BIG Florida/Bama game in 2005. Yes - THAT game. It was a few days before my due date. My doctor advised me not to go, or I might give birth in the stands. ARGH. (Doctors, what do they know. I ended up being a week late.) Missed a damn good game for nothing. I digress. My point is...we finally have a kick A-S-S coach and no season tickets. Turns out a lot of 'fair weather fans' are coming out of the wood work causing the demand for tickets to soar.

This season - probably one of the best seasons the Tide has seen in a while - hubby and I will be watching from our boring couch. Ba humbug.

Anyone having any good football parties???

School Daze

Although it is still a ways off, hubby and I have been discussing schools for our pumpkin. Having made a few calls, we were faced with the realization that there really is a waiting list for the good schools. Crap. My child is about to be 2. She is not even potty trained yet. It just seems surreal that we need to start focusing on this now. What is worse, hubby and I do not see eye to eye. Of course, her education is of paramount significance, but I would like it to be a faith based education. How do you make a decision like this that will forever effect your baby?! My child is going to be molded and sculpted by people I choose. Ugh - the pressure!

Let the praying for heavenly guidance begin. (I hope He doesn't remember I have not been to mass in a while.)

Sneak Peek Into The Future

For a month I have had company. Not just one person, but several throughout my birthday month. My final guest left this evening.

I feel an emptiness inside. What was a laughter filled, conversation engulfed house, is now quiet. It doesn't help that hubby is out of town too. This just adds to the sad silence.

Although I know the future is still a long way off...I think I am experiencing empty nest syndrome. Boy - does it suck.

The Departed

Holy hell! I am in LOVE with Leonardo DiCaprio. We finally watched The Departed last night. For those who have not seen it - a damn fine movie. Since lil B was born, our movie nights - even rented ones - have become almost non-existent. Back to my point...

I LOVE Leonardo DiCaprio.

July = Birthday MONTH

For a long time I have joked that I celebrate my birthday the entire month. One year, I kind of did. (It was a great month & year!) This year, I am doing it again. With lots of family coming in town, I am SUPER excited! Granted they are not coming in specifically because it is my birthday month, more so it works better with their schedules. None the less, let the celebrating begin!!! Oh and have I mentioned yet it is the big 07-07-07. (Redundancy this month is excused per the birthday girl.)

"It's my birthday MONTH! I'm gonna to party like it's my birthday MONTH! I'm gonna sip Bacardi like it's my birthday MONTH!"

(You know you were humming the tune...)

All me.

I try to be an honest person.
I don't say things I don't mean. If I say I am sorry, I am.
I have no hidden agenda.
I am a basic - what you see is what you get.
I try my best to be a good person.
I try my best to be a good friend.
I try.

I am me.