Yankee Belle


Say 'Cheese!'

Where else can one go to enjoy a snack all to himself?

Why the laundry in the laundry basket of course.

And the snack of choice, cheese cubes. Admittedly, Gwenny Girl couldn't find you...neither could I.



I am so proud of Big B! She performed on stage in front of an audience and belted out 2 cheers. The girls, including the Mabster, Rocked it!!!!

Big B,

You make mommy & daddy so proud! God has blessed us with you - a strong spirited and bright little girl. I promise to always nurture and encourage you to use your God given abilities.

The world is your oyster... Don't just make one pearl, make a necklace!


Go Warriors! Go Cheergarteners!!!


Come Again?

One night while sitting at the desk in my bedroom, I hear lil CJ walk into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator (which truly needs to be locked with him around) and stood there for a moment.

Just as I was about to yell "Out of the refrigerator!" for the 3,754 time, I hear in his 2 1/2 year old little voice:

"God D@mn it." And the refrig door close. I guess he did not find anything he liked.



Kodak Moments:

Like father like son.

What happens when her brother plays golf & she tries to cheer next to him:

Big B playing doctor & did a fairly decent job using toilet paper for a cast.