Yankee Belle


What A Hoot!

Post Note: Hubby and I jokingly refer to our rear ends as "sexy bum bums."

So tongiht for dinner, hubby and I decided on Hooters for some yummy wings and fried pickles. As always, the girls were doting on lil B. She was loving the attention. Balloons, crayons, stickers, you name it. It was really turning out to be a fun, lighthearted, & easy dinner.

Well, one of the server girls left lil B to wait on the table next to us. She bent over and did the whole 'Hooter girl lean onto the table perching her rear in the air' move. lil B proceeded to point and loudly proclaim "Look sexy bum bum!" My jaw hit the table. Hubby turned a pretty shade of pink. The look on our faces were a priceless Kodak moment. But it wasn't over just yet. lil B then called the orange shorts panties.

If God keeps snapshots of our lives in a giant photo album, that moment will be the cover picture.

My Girls Kick A-S-S

Not talking about my boobies...although I do think they are nice too.

Went to dinner with my chickas last night, and as always left loving each of them even more. I was kind of reluctant to go at first. I have been in the house for days. I have showered, but still the funk remains. Sick kids can drain you of energy both mentally and phyically. I knew I needed to get out. Needed some time to myself and needed to see my friends, but there was a little snotty kid asking me where mama was going. Guilt.

I listened to my mommy voice and went. Life is good again. Bring me my sick snotty baby.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Having been in the house for 4 days now with a sick baby, I have nothing exciting or interesting to post about. I have boogers on my shirt that are not mine, but other than that - I got nothing.

Does this even count as a post?.

Okay, Over Wanting Snow.

After reading MommaPeas' post about getting her nails done, I find myself wishing for spring. I want a pedicure and to wear my Old Navy flip flops. I live in ON flip flops. I own a pair in every color.

If it isn't going to snow, bring on spring. Plus our gas bill was ridiculous last month.