Yankee Belle


Okay, Over Wanting Snow.

After reading MommaPeas' post about getting her nails done, I find myself wishing for spring. I want a pedicure and to wear my Old Navy flip flops. I live in ON flip flops. I own a pair in every color.

If it isn't going to snow, bring on spring. Plus our gas bill was ridiculous last month.


J said...

I know, I'm over it too. F*ck the cold, let's get this Global Warming sh*t going already! Anyone else game for the pool in April?

Kim said...

haha, i'm game mp! and yb, i couldn't agree more. . .bring on the flip-flops!! :)

Blue Momma said...

I got my first pedicure yesterday and I'm rocking some awesome purple toes! Don't judge - I like purple. Punkin, however, hates them.

And our gas bill last month? $299.