Yankee Belle


My Girls Kick A-S-S

Not talking about my boobies...although I do think they are nice too.

Went to dinner with my chickas last night, and as always left loving each of them even more. I was kind of reluctant to go at first. I have been in the house for days. I have showered, but still the funk remains. Sick kids can drain you of energy both mentally and phyically. I knew I needed to get out. Needed some time to myself and needed to see my friends, but there was a little snotty kid asking me where mama was going. Guilt.

I listened to my mommy voice and went. Life is good again. Bring me my sick snotty baby.


random_mommy said...

Ugh. If I have to be Samantha just because she's slutty I'm going to be angry. I want to be Charlotte, but I know someone else already has that role. Maybe Carrie? I don't dress nearly the part, and I need a big mole.

Ditto all your love.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Love, love, love!!! Who would I be?

Kim said...

haha, we should watch old "sex and the city" episodes in the hospital with i'm a mom. i have every single one on dvd. i'm glad you came too. . .i should have recorded the 3 different phone conversations we had before you finally decided what to do. i'm just glad B is finally over the funk!

Anonymous said...

I want girls like that! Lucky you.