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Wordless Wednesday - Beep Beep, Going Our Way?


Princess Cupcakes & A Sleepover

While visiting Grandma this past weekend, Big B asked if her TN BFF could spend the night. I thought this was a great idea...since I could tag team watching the girls with my mom...aka - leave it all to her.

Grandma was just as thrilled, actually. She excitedly went to the store in search of all the junk a mother would not feed her child...let alone a child & a friend.

The big event that evening was making 'Princess Cupcakes.' A great birthday gift from Big B's twin friends Felix & Oscar. Minus the spilling of the flour, which lil C managed to crawl through at the exact time it hit the floor, it was a big success.
**Notice unhappy lil C. His fun was crawling thru the flour.

The cupcakes smelled delicious while baking. Uncle C was anxiously awaiting a cupcake, until I told him about the amount of saliva the girls added to the batter.

As the night wore on, I grew tired. I casually mentioned to my mom that I was going to lie down with lil C for bed. She assured me she could manage the girls.

They obviously had some fun with my camera.

During my slumber, I recall one of the girls coming to my room with a flashlight. I also recall some loud laughter and running thru the house around 10 pm, but it wasnt enough to warrant my parental presence. Per grandma...around midnight, she had finally had enough and made the girls go to sleep - with her in the bed.

At 7am the next morning, both girls and grandma were awake. Grandma told me I was back on duty with which she immediately returned to bed for 2 more hours.

Princesses are a lot of work. I still remember my million plus sleepovers...I bet Grandma remembers now too.


Wordless Wednesday - Snow Angels.


Holy Hotness.

I could stare at this picture all.day.long.


Never A Good Sign.

Big B is resourceful to say the least. However, she hasn't learned to clean up the evidence.


Grounded At (3)4.

Big B decided to sneak out of the house yesterday...not once, but twice. Both times I found her outside riding her bike. She went thru the garage. The smart cookie that she is, avoided opening the car garage door which would have echoed throughout the house. Instead she opened the side door and rolled out her bike.

The first time I found her, she got a spanking and was sent to her room to stay until daddy got home. The desire to ride her bike was obviously too great. She managed to sneak out yet again. I like to consider myself 'house aware.' I have that supersonic hearing only moms can possess. But I swear, I didn't even hear a creak.

The second time daddy was called and told to come home. The new punishment was decided...which included staying home all day Monday. All plans cancelled. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

What sucks the most is I'm stuck in the house, and I didn't do anything. I tried to bribe daddy into spending the day at home, but someone has to make money. So, here I sit. Grounded at 34.

This parenting stuff is cramping my social life.


The Good Life.

Many moons ago, I had one child. She took afternoon naps. These naps could last up to 3+ hours. I had 3 childless hours to do whatever I wanted with no interruptions. Laundry, clean, surf the web, watch tv, small projects, you name it. Sometimes, I even found myself bored.

Flash forward to another child later, those days are long...long gone. If one kid is asleep, the other is awake.

And of course, I have more projects I want to complete now that I have absolutely no free time. Instead of tearing down the ugly a-$-$ wallpaper that has adorned my dining room for far too long, I spend my days foolishly trying to maintain order in rooms. Picking up toys and straightening. Only to find it destroyed in less time than it took to clean it up. I do this everyday. All day. Endlessly.

To anyone who has one kid that still naps....enjoy this sacred time. Those days do not last forever.


Wordless Wednesday - No lil B(r)others Allowed.


Say What?

On our way home from school today while having our usual 'how was your day' conversation, Big B commented on the weather.

"I guess I won't be playing outside with Nicholas today. It's raining. What a tragic abomination."

Unsure of what I just heard, I asked her to repeat herself. Without hesitation, I heard 'tragic abomination' again.

If my kid has a vocabulary like this at 4...our mommy & me conversations will be quite limited in the future.

Momma ain't got no good vocabulary to talk big words like that.


Small World.

It never ceases to amaze me how small the world is. Having lived in several different states, the probability increases some that I may know someone somehow someway.

Nothing solidified this idea more than a trip to Spain in 1986. At a small supermercado in Malaga, my mom, bro and I stood in line to purchase a few groceries. Behind us was a woman who heard us speaking English. She looked at my mom and asked:

"Where in the states are you from"

My mom: "New York."

Lady: "Me too! Where in NY?"

My mom: "Queens."

Lady: "Me too! Where in Queens?"

My mom: "Jackson Heights."

Lady: "Me too!"

Then my mother asked: "Where? We are on 77th."

Lady: "83rd!"

Turns out they knew a few of the same people.

The world could not have been any smaller that day. And now with the internet...I've come to realize somehow someway - everyone knows everybody.


Wordless Wednesday - Circus Babes


Handprints On The Wall - A Poem.

Some houses try to hide the fact
That children shelter there,
Ours boasts it quite openly,
The signs are everywhere.
For smears are on the windows,
Little smudges are on the doors
I should apologize, I guess
For toys strew on the floor.
But I sat down with my child
And we played and laughed and read
And if the doorbell doesn’t shine,
His eyes will shine instead.
For when at times I’m forced to choose
The one job or the other,
I’d like to cook and clean and scrub,
But first I’ll be a mother.

-author unknown

**Notice the handprint on the wall.