Yankee Belle


Small World.

It never ceases to amaze me how small the world is. Having lived in several different states, the probability increases some that I may know someone somehow someway.

Nothing solidified this idea more than a trip to Spain in 1986. At a small supermercado in Malaga, my mom, bro and I stood in line to purchase a few groceries. Behind us was a woman who heard us speaking English. She looked at my mom and asked:

"Where in the states are you from"

My mom: "New York."

Lady: "Me too! Where in NY?"

My mom: "Queens."

Lady: "Me too! Where in Queens?"

My mom: "Jackson Heights."

Lady: "Me too!"

Then my mother asked: "Where? We are on 77th."

Lady: "83rd!"

Turns out they knew a few of the same people.

The world could not have been any smaller that day. And now with the internet...I've come to realize somehow someway - everyone knows everybody.



Kim said...

i swear to you, no lie, that jay said the EXACT same thing to me after looking on facebook tonight. crazy, indeed. wish i would have gotten on IM with you tonight. looks like we'll be discussing in the morning.

nites! xoxo