Yankee Belle


Grounded At (3)4.

Big B decided to sneak out of the house yesterday...not once, but twice. Both times I found her outside riding her bike. She went thru the garage. The smart cookie that she is, avoided opening the car garage door which would have echoed throughout the house. Instead she opened the side door and rolled out her bike.

The first time I found her, she got a spanking and was sent to her room to stay until daddy got home. The desire to ride her bike was obviously too great. She managed to sneak out yet again. I like to consider myself 'house aware.' I have that supersonic hearing only moms can possess. But I swear, I didn't even hear a creak.

The second time daddy was called and told to come home. The new punishment was decided...which included staying home all day Monday. All plans cancelled. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

What sucks the most is I'm stuck in the house, and I didn't do anything. I tried to bribe daddy into spending the day at home, but someone has to make money. So, here I sit. Grounded at 34.

This parenting stuff is cramping my social life.



momx2 said...

Thats hilarious.
Well maybe not so much for you:(