Yankee Belle


Daddy On TV.

Big B and lil CJ get super excited when they see this commercial. They both think the kid resembles their daddy. lil CJ jumps around to the music, pointing at the tv, yelling 'DADDY! DADDY!! DADDY!!!'

And the truth is, it totally could be a mini hubby. Classic.


I'm Good Enough; I'm Smart Enough...

I am patting myself on the back for keeping my blog relatively updated. Not just for all the amazingly fabulous events and friends in my life, but because I have stayed true to blogging. There are plenty of events I've failed to record, but there are some great entries here that I can refresh my memory palate with a smile. I am such a sucker for nostalgia...and my blog totally satisfies my craving. Kudos YankeeBelle, Kudos.

And as for the events I fail to sit still long enough to record...

I'll steal Kimtastic's entries. Because isn't that what best friends are for.?.


WW - Packed Bag


iCarly = iExcited!

Big B loves the Nick show iCarly. She has seen almost every episode...as has the rest of our family. Even the grandparents know about & watch iCarly. CJ can ask for it by name 'i - CAR-EE'.

Brooke's favorite character is the sassy Sam Puckett played by Jennette McCurdy. So when I heard she was having a 'mall concert', I knew I had to take Big B.

I managed to juggle both kids and maneuver a stroller thru the masses. Witnessing Big B's first taste of stardom made it all worth while. Big B was THRILLED.TO.DEATH. Big B was able to personally meet Jeanette aka Sam. She approached Jennette alone. Big B claims she introduced herself (stating her entire name - First, Middle & Last name) and told her that she loves iCarly. 'Sam' told Big B she loved her multi-colored hair bow & polka dot jacket. Big B then got her picture autographed. Big B was all smiles the entire ride home. It was the 'best day of her life'.

Of course, hubby had the camera at his office. I had to pick it up on the way to the concert. I was able to snap a few pictures before my camera died. I wont expand on my disgust for the dead battery. I was not able to get a picture of Big B smiling with Jennette.

The shocker, the girl does have a great voice.


Can You Spot The Common Denominator???

It has become an obsession. We have 3 hoops in our home. He may be the next Tiger Woods of Basketball...minus all the women. Mama don't play that.



lil CJ can do some damage with a writing utencil.

He has left his mark on:

KimtasticMomma's kitchen floor
My hardwood floor with a red sharpie marker
Grandma's floor with a pencil

His most recent works - all on different walls - he will proudly pose with for a photo op:

Serenity now.


Giggling Is Never Good

Our nightly wind down ends with the kids watching tv in our bed. It is usually quiet time, but occasionally I hear giggling and laughter.

This one night, the giggling and laughter was more than the norm. However, a quick check showed nothing out of the ordinary.

Once the kids were both asleep in their own beds, I decided to call it a night myself. As I walked into my dark bedroom, I saw in the shadows what looked like a large black rat sitting on the ledge of my tray lighted ceiling. Withholding a terrified 'FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!' scream, I turned the light on to reveal...

That evening's giggles were the result of a sock game. EVery last sock from my drawer was on the ledge.

Serenity now.


And Then There Was 5.... Again.

Our sweet kitty Blitz did not work out. Hubby and I were allergic to him. With neither adult able to handle him, Blitz had to move on.

Big B has been persistent on the pet front. Throw in the fact that lil CJ loves 'PUPPY!!!', hubby & I found it hard to say no.

We adopted our Sweet Gwen from the Humane Society. She stole our hearts from the moment we saw her. Even in the adoption room, she showed intelligence and affection. lil CJ was hungry and began to whimper...'Hungry....hungry!!!" Acting exactly as I would have wanted, she walked up to him, licked his face and tried to console him. She was meant to be our dog.

Every morning now, the kids wake to call for 'Gwenny'. She jumps and licks them as if to say the same.


WW - Princess & A Bed.