Yankee Belle


And Then There Was 5.... Again.

Our sweet kitty Blitz did not work out. Hubby and I were allergic to him. With neither adult able to handle him, Blitz had to move on.

Big B has been persistent on the pet front. Throw in the fact that lil CJ loves 'PUPPY!!!', hubby & I found it hard to say no.

We adopted our Sweet Gwen from the Humane Society. She stole our hearts from the moment we saw her. Even in the adoption room, she showed intelligence and affection. lil CJ was hungry and began to whimper...'Hungry....hungry!!!" Acting exactly as I would have wanted, she walked up to him, licked his face and tried to console him. She was meant to be our dog.

Every morning now, the kids wake to call for 'Gwenny'. She jumps and licks them as if to say the same.