Yankee Belle


iCarly = iExcited!

Big B loves the Nick show iCarly. She has seen almost every episode...as has the rest of our family. Even the grandparents know about & watch iCarly. CJ can ask for it by name 'i - CAR-EE'.

Brooke's favorite character is the sassy Sam Puckett played by Jennette McCurdy. So when I heard she was having a 'mall concert', I knew I had to take Big B.

I managed to juggle both kids and maneuver a stroller thru the masses. Witnessing Big B's first taste of stardom made it all worth while. Big B was THRILLED.TO.DEATH. Big B was able to personally meet Jeanette aka Sam. She approached Jennette alone. Big B claims she introduced herself (stating her entire name - First, Middle & Last name) and told her that she loves iCarly. 'Sam' told Big B she loved her multi-colored hair bow & polka dot jacket. Big B then got her picture autographed. Big B was all smiles the entire ride home. It was the 'best day of her life'.

Of course, hubby had the camera at his office. I had to pick it up on the way to the concert. I was able to snap a few pictures before my camera died. I wont expand on my disgust for the dead battery. I was not able to get a picture of Big B smiling with Jennette.

The shocker, the girl does have a great voice.