Yankee Belle


Yo DJ Lance

I got a request. Can Yo Gabba Gabba do an episode on how it's okay to sleep the entire night in your own bed? The song could be simple like "It's fun to sleep in your own bed all night... (like the 'It's fun to brush your teeth.) Or we could go with the "There's a party in your bed...so fun so fun..."(like the "Party In Your Tummy" song).

'Cause there sure as heck ain't no party in my bed. Although, my big belly wouldn't allow much partying even if lil B didn't appear at 3 am.

Who Wears This Shiat?.

I will admit I love my Mary Jane Crocs. They have been fabulous 'croscilite' (spell?) shoes...perfect for trips to amusement parks, the pool/lake/beach, and lots of other appropriate places. But these sandals....come on. I know beauty and style are in the eye of the beholder, but ick. These sandal styles needs to stay buried with the dead Romans who wore them.

ANd to think they cost $159 & $149 respectively. BLUCK.

Things I Am Learning...

There are some inalienable truths about being a mom. Things I never in my wildest dreams would have come to think were possible or that I would be willing to accept, but I am...

1. Just about nothing embarrasses me anymore. Sure, awkwardness is still present, but true embarrassment...not so much.

2. There are a lot of things I have to do because I am a mom. Like wiping away a booger even tho I have no tissue.

3. My house is never ever spotless. Never. This morning, I found juice stains on lil B's bedroom door and pretzels in a drawer.

4. There is no such thing as predictability with kids.

5. I tolerate a lot more than I use to. Not just regarding my family, but of things and people outside my home.

6. My hands feel like sandpaper. I am constantly washing and rewashing something. Hand lotion doesn't have a chance. My nails...not even gonna go there. I so miss manicures. At least I have my feet to pamper.

7. Time is passing way to fast. Like warp speed fast. I have always believed and lived by the motto - 'life is too short', but I am really beginning to feel how short it is.

8. I am always going to hold the title of 'Mother'. You can become an EX everything else, but you can't become an EX-mother.

9. A mother's kiss can fix a lot. I remember this as a kid, but seeing how it works with my daughter is amazing.

Lord only knows what will be in store when kid #2 arrives...

In the words of Frank Costanza "Serenity NOW!"