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Things I Am Learning...

There are some inalienable truths about being a mom. Things I never in my wildest dreams would have come to think were possible or that I would be willing to accept, but I am...

1. Just about nothing embarrasses me anymore. Sure, awkwardness is still present, but true embarrassment...not so much.

2. There are a lot of things I have to do because I am a mom. Like wiping away a booger even tho I have no tissue.

3. My house is never ever spotless. Never. This morning, I found juice stains on lil B's bedroom door and pretzels in a drawer.

4. There is no such thing as predictability with kids.

5. I tolerate a lot more than I use to. Not just regarding my family, but of things and people outside my home.

6. My hands feel like sandpaper. I am constantly washing and rewashing something. Hand lotion doesn't have a chance. My nails...not even gonna go there. I so miss manicures. At least I have my feet to pamper.

7. Time is passing way to fast. Like warp speed fast. I have always believed and lived by the motto - 'life is too short', but I am really beginning to feel how short it is.

8. I am always going to hold the title of 'Mother'. You can become an EX everything else, but you can't become an EX-mother.

9. A mother's kiss can fix a lot. I remember this as a kid, but seeing how it works with my daughter is amazing.

Lord only knows what will be in store when kid #2 arrives...

In the words of Frank Costanza "Serenity NOW!"


Kim said...

i LOVE these! all of them are oh-so very true. kids...how the hell did we ever live without them?? =P