Yankee Belle


Old Late Night Virgin Eclipse Critic.

I cut line with a running stride upon arriving at the theater. I threw the ticket at the usher and literally kept on going. A police officer came in to our theater, and for a second, I thought he was after me. However, I think he was looking for the beer drinkers that left their mark last year...and that was - um - not me either. *cough*

I silenced the theater & got a picture of some genius guys. They wore their own 'Team' shirts. I got 'Team Patrick' to turn around & smile for a Kodak moment with BlueMomma's camera because she was too chicken. However, I was too tired to actually return the favor by walking down to his seat & signing his shirt.

I made the teenybopper girls wait as I told a girl in a leg cast to cut line for the handicap stall in the bathroom. Not one girl sneered or objected. I felt old. Mama spoke, kids listened.

I had a revelation as I watched Bella & her dad talk about virginity in their kitchen. I am Bella's dad's age...or close damn to it.

I broke the seal and had to pee too many times. Im never drinking before a movie again.

I actually jumped at 'scary' parts in the movie. Not sure if it was the movie, exhaustion or the caffeine.

Dakota Fanning is a true actress. I was scared of her.

I have found a new liking for Jacob. His extremely BAD hair in the first movie has worn off on me, and him not wearing a shirt for most of Eclipse sealed the deal. Not to mention, his sarcasm was well delivered.

A bigger budget can make a movie great.

Midnight movies are too late for my old a-s-s.

Novemeber 2011 seems so far off, but I know in reality it will fly by...



Roses grow in Heaven, Lord, pick a bunch for me. Place them in my Daddy's arms & tell him they're from me. Tell him that I love & miss him, & when he turns to smile, place a kiss upon his cheek & hold him for awhile. Remembering him is easy; I do it everyday. There's an ache within my heart that will never go away.

♥ ♥ Happy Father's Day Daddy ♥ ♥


WW - Slippin & Slidin YB.


Walmart's Secret.

Big B has been in need of new undies. So while at Walmart today, I let her pick some out.

After carefully selecting 2 packs with the cutest prints, she decided she needed a bra to match. For a split second I considered it. Afterall, the super cute coordinating bras were strategically hung next to the size 6 girls' panties. However, it was a quickly fleeting thought - not just because Big B is still a baby and the idea of a bra is absurd, but because 1 bra cost more than the 6 pack of panties.

Thankfully, Big B accepted my stern 'no' with ease. (She was very lucky it was not more of a 'OH HELL NO!')

As we turned the corner, Big B quickly questioned:

"Will I at least get one of those pretty pink bags with tissue paper?"

Not at Walmart my dear, not at Walmart.


Sushi, Drinks & Tattoos

Kimtastic posted this adventure on her blog...so Im just stealing hers.

I think I'm done with tattoos now. I hope.



Silence Means Toilet.

lil C was playing quietly. I figured it was the perfect time to catch up on Kimtastic's blog. I was behind and knew she had posted some new fun reads. I normally don't delve into any deep internet material during the day, because I am constantly being interrupted. But this moment appeared perfect.

After catching up on the newest happenings, I realized quite a bit of time had elapsed. lil C was still eerily quiet. My mommy instinct told me this was not good.

Lo and behold, I found lil C in the bathroom. Drenched in toilet water. Rolls...not just sheets, but rolls, were in the commode & on the floor.

Yes, I grabbed the camera for prosperity. 2 more minutes would not make the disaster any nastier.

The joke, hubby often asks what I was doing while a 'situation' occured. He likes to insinuate that Im always 'typing away' on the computer.

This time, he was right.


WW - I Am NOT A Rag Doll.


25 Random Things About Yankee Belle

1. I can't believe I am in my 30's. I have lived a very full life thus far.

2. I met my second husband on Match.com. We met in May, eloped 3 months later and have been living happily ever after - at least most days.

3. My first born really is not named after a great Borough of NYC.

4. I have 7 classes remaining to finish my undergraduate degree. It sucks it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do in life.

5. I miss my NY friends horribly. I don't mind living in the south, I just wish we were close enough for weekend car trips.

6. I haven't really felt at 'home' in a city since I moved from NY. No place has seemed permanent until now. The birth of a kid can do that to ya.

7. I have lived in NYC, Altlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, and now Birmingham. WOnder what the future holds...

8. I prefer the radio to tv. Music can invoke nostalgia, and I like to reminisice.

9. One of my best friends I have known since I was a year old. I consider all my childhood friends family. I hope my kids are blessed with friends like this.

10. I hate being pregnant. I love babies tho, so I guess it's worth it.

11. My first car was a giant boat. Thankfully when it came time to drive it, my dad bought me a smaller vehicle. I was thrilled.

12. I have been on television and co-hosted a morning radio show in Nasvhille.

13. I received a congressional nomination to the US Air Force Academy. They told me I couldn't be a pilot because of my vision. I told them I wasn't going to their school then.

14. I will admit I am stubborn. If I want something...I want it. ANd I will get it. Maybe I should just call that determination....hubby disagrees.

15. I love traveling. My dad worked for Pan Am, and we flew everywhere for free. Sadly I saw so much before I was a teenager, I don't remember much.

16. I am half Dutch. My dad is straight off a 1960s boat.

17. I love speaking Spanish. It's a little rusty tho...since I only get to use it when I eat mexican.

18. I tried to have an au-naturale childbirth, but hubby talked me into the meds when I started pulling my hair out.

19. I have always known I would be a stay-at-home-mom, and I've always known I would have a girl and then a boy. Maybe I have a 6th sense....hmmmm...

20. I love being a stay-at-home-mom. I hate not having my own paycheck.

21. I pray every night my babies live a happy, healthy and God filled life.

22. I am 99% sure I will only have 2 children.

23. I love and take pride in being Roman Catholic. It makes up a big part of who I am. However, I'm not perfect...thank God for the sacrament of Penance!

24. I have grown to love Alabama football. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!

25. I love my life. No regrets.