Yankee Belle


Old Late Night Virgin Eclipse Critic.

I cut line with a running stride upon arriving at the theater. I threw the ticket at the usher and literally kept on going. A police officer came in to our theater, and for a second, I thought he was after me. However, I think he was looking for the beer drinkers that left their mark last year...and that was - um - not me either. *cough*

I silenced the theater & got a picture of some genius guys. They wore their own 'Team' shirts. I got 'Team Patrick' to turn around & smile for a Kodak moment with BlueMomma's camera because she was too chicken. However, I was too tired to actually return the favor by walking down to his seat & signing his shirt.

I made the teenybopper girls wait as I told a girl in a leg cast to cut line for the handicap stall in the bathroom. Not one girl sneered or objected. I felt old. Mama spoke, kids listened.

I had a revelation as I watched Bella & her dad talk about virginity in their kitchen. I am Bella's dad's age...or close damn to it.

I broke the seal and had to pee too many times. Im never drinking before a movie again.

I actually jumped at 'scary' parts in the movie. Not sure if it was the movie, exhaustion or the caffeine.

Dakota Fanning is a true actress. I was scared of her.

I have found a new liking for Jacob. His extremely BAD hair in the first movie has worn off on me, and him not wearing a shirt for most of Eclipse sealed the deal. Not to mention, his sarcasm was well delivered.

A bigger budget can make a movie great.

Midnight movies are too late for my old a-s-s.

Novemeber 2011 seems so far off, but I know in reality it will fly by...



Kim said...

good good times, great movie!!