Yankee Belle


Walmart's Secret.

Big B has been in need of new undies. So while at Walmart today, I let her pick some out.

After carefully selecting 2 packs with the cutest prints, she decided she needed a bra to match. For a split second I considered it. Afterall, the super cute coordinating bras were strategically hung next to the size 6 girls' panties. However, it was a quickly fleeting thought - not just because Big B is still a baby and the idea of a bra is absurd, but because 1 bra cost more than the 6 pack of panties.

Thankfully, Big B accepted my stern 'no' with ease. (She was very lucky it was not more of a 'OH HELL NO!')

As we turned the corner, Big B quickly questioned:

"Will I at least get one of those pretty pink bags with tissue paper?"

Not at Walmart my dear, not at Walmart.



A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love it, I love it, I love it. Her little question about the pink bag is priceless!!!! Way too cute.

Kim said...

she is a lady of fashion. just like her mother. daddy mitchelle's gonna be in trouble...he'd better hide his wallet now! LOL