Yankee Belle



lil B has been talking about death a lot. For instance "If you don't wash your hands you can get sick and die." I know I know, most of that is me. I tell her to wash her hands or else she will get sick. But the die part...not sure where that came from.

While working outside with hubby yesterday, I uprooted a small tree that had met an early death. I did try to save it, but I suffer from black thumb. Anyway, lil B asked what happened to it. I told her it died. She then looked at hubby and said:

"That little tree died like Michael Jackson. They were both old."

Time Out.

Starting tomorrow, we have a non-stop jam packed schedule for the next 2 months. From birthday parties, to holiday parties, to mommy only nights and trips, to Bama games...you name it, it is on our list. I love a busy schedule, as it means lots of fun is ahead. But a big part of me truly enjoys the quiet family time at home. I also know that as these 2 months whirlwind by, my babies will grow older.

The worst part, my a-s-s is getting older. I realized the other day...I'm thirty-something. Holy hell.

Thank God 30 is the new 20.

Pita Pita.

lil B has long given up her pacy...that she so fondly named 'Pita Pita'. Now that lil C uses a pacy, we are curious as to what he will call his.

However, nicknames for pacifiers may be a bad thing. For instance, one time lil B was at a Parent's Night Out event. Basically the activity class she attended offered an evening for parents to drop the kids off to play. Hubby and I thought a few hours out for us would be fun.

Ms. Wendy, the lady in charge, was lil B's teacher. However, lil B never actually used her pita pita while in her class. So unbeknown to Ms, Wendy was what lil B called her pacy. And sadly, myself nor hubby even thought to mention it.

Upon returning to pick lil B up, Ms. Wendy told hubby and I that she had no idea lil B spoke Spanish. Confused, I asked her what lil B had said. I mean surely my kid wasn't some bilingual prodigy, and we never noticed. She then proceeded to tell us that lil B kept repeating 'Pita Pita...Pita Pita.'

Obviously this traumatic experience did no long term damage, but my heart still aches a little thinking of it.

Luckily for lil C, mama now knows better. It's remembering to bring the bloody thing I need to work on.

Can I Do It? Probably Not.

I have decided to take on a home improvement task. I plan to paint the guest bathroom. It is in dire need, as the towel bar that lil B ripped off the wall is no longer in place, yet the nail holes remain. (She used it like a handicap rail in public restroom stalls. Argh.)

Hubby informed me that before we move our house would need fresh paint. My thought is, why would I want to let someone live with the new paint, while here I sit in my home with the old paint?.

I've witnessed 2 paint jobs. Both of which turned out perfect. Taking this visual knowledge, I plan to apply it.

Just in case...anyone know of a good painter?...

Baby Monitor & A Foot.

lil C is an amazing sleeper. Unlike lil B, who to this day still tries to sleep in my bed, lil C loves his crib. I cheat occasionally and make him sleep in mine, but it is mostly for selfish reasons.

After LOTS of maneuvering and strategic placing, I managed to find the perfect angle for the video baby monitor. I can hear him perfectly at night, but the monitor keeps me from running to his aid like a crazed banshee. Especially when all he is doing is resettling into another position.

lil C is in full on roll mode. Thanks to this, I now have to find a new angle for the monitor. Not only is he not in the same spot for long, he also manages to squish up underneath the camera. I cracked an eye the other night to get a quick peep, and I almost passed out. I thought he was gone.

Had it not been for the lone foot on the monitor.

They're Back...

I was like a kid in a candy store. Well, more like an adult in the toy section of Target. While aisle shopping, exploring ideas for lil B's upcoming birthday, I saw the most glorious sight.

Literally, my heart jumped in exceitment. I could not keep in the 'Ohhhh!' that slipped from my quivering lips. Right before my eyes, I saw old school toys...Fisher Price toys I had growing up. My first reaction was to buy them all. But I restrained. I made a promise to myself that I would return to purchase every last one. These oh-so-fabulously-classic-toys will be items under the Christmas tree for lil C.

I will love them so much! I mean------, I know he will love them so much.

Never Forget.


lil B was telling me how much she loves her brother. That no matter what he does, she will always love him. I could blog on and on about how wonderful sibling relationships are, how I pray every day that my kids have a close bond and friendship, but I won't. I'm not much of a sappy blogger.

Instead, I will share the list of 'What if's' we discussed.

Me: "WHat if lil C breaks one of your toys?"

lil B: "I will forgive him."

This went on....until I asked about her lovey.

Me: "What if your brother loses Yode?"

lil B: "I'll have to think about it."

The Fate of Cooking.

WHile rushing around this morning to make a super early yoga class, I asked lil B to help get somethings together. She happily obliged. And she did it all without any smart a-s-s remarks. Like for instance - 'I can't do everything!' or 'Stop being so bossy.' Anyway, I proceeded to tell her how great a mommy she will be one day...since she perfectly packed lil C's diaper bag.

What does lil B say in response?...

'Nah, I don't want to cook.'

Crapola. I now have to put on a fake - 'I Love to cook face' so that my future grandbabies don't starve.

At least she likes to shop for groceries...