Yankee Belle


Baby Monitor & A Foot.

lil C is an amazing sleeper. Unlike lil B, who to this day still tries to sleep in my bed, lil C loves his crib. I cheat occasionally and make him sleep in mine, but it is mostly for selfish reasons.

After LOTS of maneuvering and strategic placing, I managed to find the perfect angle for the video baby monitor. I can hear him perfectly at night, but the monitor keeps me from running to his aid like a crazed banshee. Especially when all he is doing is resettling into another position.

lil C is in full on roll mode. Thanks to this, I now have to find a new angle for the monitor. Not only is he not in the same spot for long, he also manages to squish up underneath the camera. I cracked an eye the other night to get a quick peep, and I almost passed out. I thought he was gone.

Had it not been for the lone foot on the monitor.


Becca said...

aw, baby feet! :)