Yankee Belle


Pita Pita.

lil B has long given up her pacy...that she so fondly named 'Pita Pita'. Now that lil C uses a pacy, we are curious as to what he will call his.

However, nicknames for pacifiers may be a bad thing. For instance, one time lil B was at a Parent's Night Out event. Basically the activity class she attended offered an evening for parents to drop the kids off to play. Hubby and I thought a few hours out for us would be fun.

Ms. Wendy, the lady in charge, was lil B's teacher. However, lil B never actually used her pita pita while in her class. So unbeknown to Ms, Wendy was what lil B called her pacy. And sadly, myself nor hubby even thought to mention it.

Upon returning to pick lil B up, Ms. Wendy told hubby and I that she had no idea lil B spoke Spanish. Confused, I asked her what lil B had said. I mean surely my kid wasn't some bilingual prodigy, and we never noticed. She then proceeded to tell us that lil B kept repeating 'Pita Pita...Pita Pita.'

Obviously this traumatic experience did no long term damage, but my heart still aches a little thinking of it.

Luckily for lil C, mama now knows better. It's remembering to bring the bloody thing I need to work on.