Yankee Belle


Knock Knock...

It's MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Bring on the cake, candles, presents, and booze all month long!

Post note: The story behind my month long celebration is...back in the good'ol summer of 2003, during the great month of July, myself and some friends partied/went out - A LOT. My birthday became the excuse for our fun. The humor in it was...individuals who were not part of our 'elite crew' always seemed perplexed when we mentioned dinner and drinks - yet again - for my birthday.

Did I mention July is a long month with 31 days?! Ahhh...what a great birthday month it is.

Dear Jesus,

We made it to Mass. (As You know.) lil B was wearing her big girl panties. (As You know.) We spent half of Mass in the bathroom. (As You know.) However, I didn't find the potty spiritually uplifting, so we left. (As You and the priest saw.)

If You aren't too busy - can You snap Your holy fingers and make lil B a pro with this whole potty thing? Hubby and I would be VERY thankful.

Much love and Alleluias,

Signature Pose.

Lately I have noticed a trend in my pictures. I throw up the peace sign. Not sure how, why or when this began. But it is there. Over and over.

Maybe it is my subconscious making a political statement. Maybe it is just because I am a dork. Probably the latter.

Weekend Realizations.

It had been too long since I last visited.

It was weird seeing my 'old' life.

I miss running into people I know.

lil B would have a KICK A-S-S bedroom if I lived with my gay husband. (The details of it made me salivate.)

I don't like seeing that orange 'T' anymore.

I Don't Do Anonymous.

Grow some balls...otherwise, don't post.

Where Are You Kanye???

"Kayne Hates White People" is what I should title this post. What about the people of the Midwest engulfed in water? Why not the same media coverage? Are these folks are not as deserving?

Once again...Things that make you go hmmm...

Damn, I wish I didn't like his music. I just refuse to BUY his cd. ANd I will post a VERY dorky pic of him. TAKE THAT KANYE!

Go Gore Green.

I find it comical that 'Green Gore' is actually using more energy in his home now then before all of his green efforts. However, our liberal news media is failing to besiege us with this information.

Things that make you go hmmm...


Disney Love.

A Family That Computes Together...

stays together.

Semi-Drunk Revelation.

After several glasses of wine this evening with some of our bffs, I realized I have some very great friends. Not just friends I am friendly with..but friends I can disagree with, argue with, not talk to for a while, and then love again like nothing happened.

Whether you are around the corner or 1000 miles away, I hope you know I love you.

Milly, one of my oldest - I think at last count we were on fight number 1,657, but who is counting. "I would feel like I lost an arm or leg if I ever lost you." ;)

Love and hugs to you all. You know who you are.

I Got The Right Stuff, Baby!

Thanks to I'm A Mom!, I'm going to see - drum roll please...

New Kids On The Block!!!

Laugh all you want, but for me it is all about nostalgia, great girl time, and feel good music.

The question now is - what to wear?! Go old school and get really into it? High bangs and all...shoot - I still have my Aqua Net.

Nancy Altaz, I will so be thinking of you. And if I meet Donnie, he is mine. ;)

Is it October yet?!