Yankee Belle


I Got The Right Stuff, Baby!

Thanks to I'm A Mom!, I'm going to see - drum roll please...

New Kids On The Block!!!

Laugh all you want, but for me it is all about nostalgia, great girl time, and feel good music.

The question now is - what to wear?! Go old school and get really into it? High bangs and all...shoot - I still have my Aqua Net.

Nancy Altaz, I will so be thinking of you. And if I meet Donnie, he is mine. ;)

Is it October yet?!


Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Hahaha, seriously nostalgic stuff! have a great time!

MommaDrool said...

Sounds like a blast!

Kelly said...

I "Remember When" the New Kids on the Block were the hottest thing since parachute pants. I would say, "Please Don't Go, Girl," but it sounds like "You've Got the Right Stuff" to have a good time.

I guess you're going to be "Hanging Tough" until October.

This was stupid, but I couldn't resist! :>)

I'm a Mom!..? said...

So. Excited.

I say we go old school and dig out the old t-shirts, I think I even had some very large buttons, like the size of my head, big. I will have to take a look in my Moms attic..

Kim said...

donnie was my favorite too!! =P

i am SOO envious. i was too late on jumping on the NKOTB train, but i know you girls will have a blast for me. take lots of pics, and sing to every song!