Yankee Belle


I Hate Packing.

Seriously. No joke, I wish I were rich...just the idea of someone packing for me is sheer bliss. I find nothing worse than being out of town and wishing you had brought that 'something'. Packing almost makes traveling not worth it...almost.

I pack modestly, I think. I am getting better with age. My beauty products still fill up an entire half of a suitcase tho. Blow dryer, 3 special hair brushes, makeup bag, shampoo, conditioner, and the list goes on and on.

Oh to be my hubby. Deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste. That is the extent of his beauty supplies. Of course if I pack my shampoo and toothpaste, he does not pack his.

It is hard work being a gal. And a decent well groomed looking one at that. Maybe the grunge chicks are on to something...

(Yes - that's my bro and me 25 years ago. Whew...did I say 25 years?!)


Kelly said...

I hate packing too!!! It stresses me out. What will I need? What if the weather changes? What if our plans change and then I'm overdressed or worse, underdressed?!!

And when I get home...I live out of my suitcase until everything is dirty, and then I unpack.

Seis said...

I LOVE that pic. I hope it hangs somewhere in your house. I did not get to fly until I was a teenager. We never went anywhere cool as a kid. I think that is why I love to travel so much. Have fun.